Paris terrorists were targeting Belgian nuclear plants


According to the Belgian popular newspaper La Dernière Heure, security has been enhanced around Belgian nuclear plants, after investigators acquired the conviction that the Belgian and French terrorists of North African extraction who killed 130 people and left 350 wounded in Paris in November last year were initially planning to attack nuclear plants in Belgium.

In one of the hide-outs in Brussels, investigators have found more than ten hours of video footage of the house of the chief of the Belgian nuclear researches in Flanders. The official had been tracked and followed for a long time by the terrorists who finally committed the massacres in Paris, which already constitutes a serious breach in security and a serious embarrassment for the Belgian security services.


4 Comments on Paris terrorists were targeting Belgian nuclear plants

  1. I don’t speak Belgian, but doesn’t “La Dernière Heure” translate to “The Stinking Ass” in English?

    Or is it “The Ass Whore?”

    I’ll have to ask Barry … he knows about these things …

  2. We are very vulnerable at power plants as well. They could bring havoc to our economy and country by just taking out power stations. The damage would be immediate and could last weeks. They are plotting and planning and we are doing very little to protect ourselves.

  3. I was working in a power plant when Y2K passed by. Security was very tight that night.

    I was working in a power plant when 9/11 occurred. Within minutes, we had the place locked down and had patrols on the perimeter. There was LEO presence for weeks afterward.

    Today, meh. Nothing. But nukes are always under tight security.

    Don’t get me started about the transmission grid.


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