Parking Exclusively For…

… guys with beer guts who barbecue! My kind of town.

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  1. I think it looks like an ancient hieroglyph from Easter Island-
    one of them Easter Island statues is watching his baby, Pacman, having an operation to become Pacwoman.
    good night

  2. Nice wide spot to accommodate large trucks and SUVs and anyone towing a boat. Looks like they thought of everything.

  3. Occasionally we go to Best Buy. I make it a point to park my Silverado 3500 in the “Fuel Efficient Vehicle” parking spaces. Hey, it’s a diesel!

  4. If I was to pull into that spot to set up my bbq, is it extra long? It doesn’t look extra wide so that isn’t much help. If it is extra long, how long is it? And where is it, what is the attraction for being there? I don’t know, I’m not convinced, they would have to pay me to set up my bbq there.

  5. it looks to me more like a pregnant woman pushing a baby carriage so it must be a spot reserved for pregnant women about to give birth. But what do I know it still could actually be a very fat guy who put his bbq on wheels and set out for a stroll and needs a convenient place to have a bbq. Maybe his old lady kicked him out of the house for being a big fat slob bbq and all and he just happened to come across a spot where he thinks he can bbq.

  6. I know Kasich eats pizza with a fork, but you’re telling me he slices it with hedge clippers?

    And seriously…has anyone seen a stroller like that in 100 years? Except for on cartoons and “American Pickers”.

  7. “When did pregnancy become a disability?”

    When Planned Parenthood labeled it a disease, and Barky labeled it a punishment, near as I can tell.

  8. I think that’s a space for a woman who doesn’t understand birth control. If you’re THAT pregnant, with a previous child who is still in an infant stroller, you need more than a silly parking space.


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