Parkland Hero Accuses CNN of Feeding Him a Scripted Question and Answer at Town Hall

He wanted to ask a question about manning schools with armed veterans. He said it was quashed by CNN in lieu of a question they wanted him to ask.


Colton Haab is going viral on social media, after the surviving student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School accused CNN of providing a scripted question for the network’s town hall question-and-answer session held on Wednesday, February 21. As seen in the below video from Local 10 News, Colton said that he turned down the invitation to give his speech and ask his question at the CNN town hall, which included other survivors of the Parkland school shooting. Haab accused the network of providing scripted questions.

Colton claimed that when CNN asked him to write a speech and questions, “it ended up being all scripted.” The junior high school student’s words are being passed around social media, with articles like “Parkland JROTC hero skips CNN townhall because network scripted his questions and answers” by BizPac Review being liked more than 17,000 times on Facebook.


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17 Comments on Parkland Hero Accuses CNN of Feeding Him a Scripted Question and Answer at Town Hall

  1. They love to control tha narrative. So Mr. Trump do you still beat your children?
    I like the talk panels that are all there people asking or answering the questions they rehearsed.

  2. If it were me, I would’ve told CNN that I would read their scripted question and then just asked my question anyway. Fuck CNN.

  3. Just saw an article where cnn is calling Colton a “liar”. Of course, they have to come out with that defense, because Colton lies and the students who drill Dana are, gee, truth seekers. Day in and day out. Unending BS permeates society. Rest…give us some rest.

  4. @MPS: I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t it have been something if he got to the mic and exposed CNN as trying to control the narrative. Imagine the spectacle of CNN cutting off the mic and dragging off a teenager.

  5. I watched the first 10 to 15 minutes of the Socialist Propaganda bull shit. Why the NRA contingent, including Rubio, didn’t walk off the stage is beyond me.
    Wayne Lapierre gave a great speech at CPAC this morning. Not a lot of applause. I guess the truth does hurt. Definitely worth finding and watching.

  6. There isn’t a word in the English language fitting to apply to the mainstream media, despicable is in the right direction but doesn’t even come close to encapsulating their behavior

  7. This was a mistake.
    The scripted questions are for the CNN presenters, because they can’t think for themselves anyway.

  8. Hill Clinton, mooch Obama is a tweet telling the kids we are with you keep going you kids are doing a great job this two mother fuc traitor need to keep their mouth shut because Hussein Obama, hill Clinton, Bill Clinton never did shit to fixed the problem.

  9. If he would have exposed CNN, and asked an intelligent question or made a logical comment, it would have angered the herd and he would have needed Dana Loesch’s security detail to get out of there in one piece.


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