Parody Creator, The Babylon Bee, Predicts the Future

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  1. I’m downloading the funny video now – may be done in 45 minutes or an hour – but the Dictionary has been anathema since, at least, “niggardly” was censored.

    The totalitarians (nihilists) have attempted (rather successfully) to control the language since “de-segregation” replaced “integration” (many may not remember that).

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Off topic also. Saw Senator “Chuckie” Schemer go through security last night at Reagan Airport in DC. He was accompanied by 2 bodyguards and went through a special screening line for politicians and other scumbags.

    If I had had my wits about me, I would have yelled out “CHUCKIE YOU SUCKIE”. The window of opportunity for that was about 3 seconds and I didn’t think fast enough to get it out.

  3. Tim Buktu,
    Reagan National is set up for political maggots.

    Special Parking.
    Special Lines.
    Special Pick-Up.
    Special Weapons.
    Special Dispensations.

    After all, they’re “special” – all that “equal before the Law” is just so much bullshit – guess who pays for their “special” treatment?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. If it’s STOOPID, inane, and retarded, liberals will scream, “Well hold mah beer and watch THIS,” in their rush to embrace it! 🙄

  5. Tim Buktu – why would Democrat Party Chuckie Schumer need ANY bodyguards? Everyone knows that crazy killers are all Leftist voters for the Democrat Party. They go after Repubs, not Democrat Party fatcats.

  6. @Tim Buktu
    Like the time i saw hairballdough retardo at the 4 queens in vegas for the Binion trial. he tried to make sharp wit of me not wearing any footware, in an elevator, in a casino. by saying, ‘see he lost everything including his shoes.’
    I just looked at the 7 foot security that flanked him and they were not amused either. it turned out to be his dim-witted awkward moment of elevator silence


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