Parole denied again for inmate in 1976 school bus hijacking

Prosecutors previously said that Wood had disciplinary infractions that justified keeping him in prison.

Your Central Valley:

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) – Parole has been denied once again for the last of three men convicted in the 1976 Chowchilla school bus hijacking.

Parole officials decided on Tuesday that Frederick Woods, 67, can try again in five years. It’s the 17th time he has been denied release. more

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  1. Calif justice with a wet noodle for over 60 years. No wonder so many calif cities are on the most miserable list.

  2. @livingthecovelife October 9, 2019 at 11:08 am

    > Too bad they all weren’t illegals, they would have walked – for the injustice you understand.

    He is 67. He’s occupying a cot. In a government funded (privately skimmed?) prison. Instead of a cot in a government funded (privately skimmed) retirement home. Because he was part of a gang that hijacked a school bus, put everybody in the back of a truck with food, water, and even mattresses. And when they escaped (since they weren’t chained up, as well), the kidnappers got caught.

    The space he is occupying can not be used for New, Improved Americans. Who kidnap busloads of people. Kill them all. Dismember their bodies. And throw their remains into the river. Because, you know, “That’s not who we are”.

  3. They were all rich kids from San Francisco, the typical kind of degenerate motherfuckers who’ve been running that state for decades. If they hadn’t got caught, they’d probably be working in the DoJ by now.

  4. @ Anonymous OCTOBER 9, 2019 AT 11:30 AM

    I explored the dynamic of the left’s consistent preferential option for those who prey on others when I was in my 20’s and that is when I first started to develop my philosophical belief that one should never concede “good intentions” to progressives. It is always a mistake to do so, the progressive movement has from it’s beginning been totally invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death.

  5. It really goes to show how much disparity there is in prison sentences. There are people that only get 5-10 years on murder charges. And terrorists have been released for poor health. Can understand the calls for reform.

  6. @Anonymous October 9, 2019 at 11:38 am

    Honestly, not sure I understood your comment, but I would suggest you check some facts instead of using innuendos to support your comments.

    As a 3rd generation California resident we lived through decades of watching our state degrade. My husband retired from 27yrs employment with CDC, “walking the toughest beat in the state”, so we are quite familiar with the meaning of three hots and a cot, and how liberal policies have given inmates more legal rights than the officers who care for them.

    That being stated, Gov. Jerry Brown and now Gov. Gavin Newsom, have been releasing dangerous criminals back into CA society for several years now over claims of overcrowding. Majority of death row inmates die of old age or age related illness; we must be sympathetic to their societal caused motives you understand. In the meantime, the cities of CA are being flooded with non-documented, non-citizen, illegal entrants to this country. They get the slip, our citizens do not. So, perhaps if this crime occurred in 2019 as opposed to 1976, perhaps the criminals may have walked, if, they were even looked for once their “ethnicity” was discovered. Yes, that is my experienced jaded response.

    P.S. Those kindhearted kidnappers were rich, spoiled brats from San Francisco, who tormented a busload of frightened children and their custodian.

  7. @Mansfield Lovell October 9, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    > Why did the three criminals hijack the bus and hold hostage the driver and kids anyway ? Ransom?

    Supposedly. But (not making this up) they couldn’t make their ransom demand, because the police phones were flooded with calls from concerned citizens with fake sightings. And, while they were trying to get through, the hostages let themselves out of the truck, and ran away.

  8. Well, I hope that at the least those three criminals upon arrest got a really thorough WoodShampoo by the arresting LEOs.

    I’m talking Lather, Rinse, REPEAT


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