Parscale: President Trump Needs Your Help to Counter Big Tech Censorship Deniers



Breitbart: The White House is asking Americans to share their personal stories of censorship and bias on social media. Predictably, liberals don’t seem interested in believing these victims.

The appeal was announced on Wednesday and includes a tool to monitor Big Tech censorship. This is welcome news for conservatives and anyone concerned about the trend of censorship by the giant social media and search engine companies. It’s proof positive that Donald Trump is very serious about stopping the suppression of conservative speech on social media, as he alluded to in a recent tweet, when he said, “Social Media & Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves. VERY UNFAIR!”

The mainstream media response to the new White House initiative, however, expressed precious little concern over the notion that the tech oligopoly is abusing its power over ordinary Americans, instead trying to gaslight us by implying that social media censorship is all in our heads.

I wasn’t surprised. That’s been the fake news’s consistent stance throughout Big Tech’s campaign to banish voices on the right from the modern public square and shift the terms of the debate in favor of their Democratic allies.  more here

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  1. I’m basically a ‘nobody’ on Twitter and don’t pay much attention to who follows me (except I did get excited when Joe Dan Gorman followed me!). One day in June 2018, I was approaching 2k followers and noticed I lost around 300 overnight. Maybe I’ll add my name to the list. President Trump could use as much ammo as possible to fight this. Wonder what he will try to do.

  2. Wow Claudia i know your popular and famous here but never guessed you had 2000 followers. Im in the company of a queen of humbled.🙄😥🦄

  3. I will someday run across one of those socialized media employees. I can feel it coming and it won’t be pretty. Someone is going to have a bad day.


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