Passed Around By Rock Stars

Not everything in “the good old days” was GOOD. There was a time when 13 year old groupies were being passed around the rock scene, and it was just seen as “meh, weird” instead of “woah, that’s rape.”


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  1. “qualifications?”

    “rape, murder, arson and rape.”

    “But you said rape twice!” – Hedley lamarr Lt Governor and Democrat Party bundler

    “I like rape!”

  2. Fiddle About – John Entwistle

    Movie version:

    Album version:

    Urban term:

    I’m your wicked Uncle Ernie
    I’m glad you won’t see or hear me
    As I fiddle about
    Fiddle about
    Fiddle about !

    Your mother left me here to mind you
    Now I’m doing what I want to
    Fiddling about
    Fiddling about
    Fiddle about!

    Down with the bedclothes
    Up with the nightshirt!
    Fiddle about
    Fiddle about
    Fiddle about !

    You won’t shout as I fiddle about
    Fiddle about
    Fiddle about
    Fiddle about !
    Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle.

    Yeah, GREAT album but sick SICK shit!

    Was just telling the mrs last night, in context the Kate Smith BULLSHIT, wait til they get to The Beatles, meaning their rock star ZEROS.


  3. I cried no tears for Bowie when he passed. He was always a pervert, and screwed anything, regardless of age or gender.

    F him.


    The lightening bolt across his face is in reference to Satan, who was shot out of heaven like a lightning bolt.

    His album and video BLACK STAR, it FILLED TO THE GILLS with anti-Christian, pro-Satanist and pro-Freemason imagery.

    I ululated and sucked on candy in the street when he died just like the Muslims did on 911, and the stupid people who loved this scumbag all had crocodile tears running down their face. “How could you be so cruel, he was a great man!”

    Nope. They are all scumbags. And Kurt Cobain was a bi-sexual open Satanist, and I don’t miss him either.

  5. tRuth, every now and then you say something I can agree with. But mostly you seem to get on this high horse and preach like you’re the holder of all knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind that when MJA asked “where the hell were that girls parents?”, it was said in the way that assumed that a parent would provide moral guidance. Just curious, who are you supporting so far in 2020?

  6. @ Joe6pak – What is @Ruth preaching? Did she not ask an honest question? NOT PC to ask on IOTW is it??

    Does @MJA have children to speak of to make the comment?? Ouch.

    Parents DO their best IN most circumstances WITH the right tools and the right given personalities.

    @MJA – How do you know IF this CHILD even had two parents OR had one THAT COULD GIVE A SHIT or were effed up to begin with?

    @ No Blushes – EXTREMELY DOPEY comment. AND there were NO foxholes with turds in Trenton, Pel’s Point or Brooklyn.

  7. ghost, seriously? Do you not assume that a rhetorical reference to parents does not include an assumption of moral guidance?

  8. I took MJA’s comment to mean, literally, where was the location of her parents?
    Was she orphaned?
    How does a 13 year-old get to these places, stay out all night, etc.

    Also, where were the schools?
    In the 70s they took truancy much more seriously.

    So, the question is not of morality, it is of “how did she fall through the cracks?”


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