Pat Caddell dies at 68 – RIP

Patrick Caddell passed away after complications following a stroke. 

Years ago we famously had a rotating banner with actual quotes by political heavyweights commenting on our site, iOwnTheWorld.

Pat Caddell was one of them. His quote was, “I hate that site.”  It wasn’t a fake quote, we had him on video saying it.

Honestly, though, I didn’t hate Pat Caddell. He wasn’t a partisan hack ideologue. Yes, he was a democrat, but he didn’t hesitate to point out good policy by the right and bad policy by the left.

It’s hard to find that kind of democrat in 2019.


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  1. Pat Caddell was a wonderful commentator. There are so few left.
    We, I, will miss him. Rest in Peace Patrick.
    Yes, he was a democrat. but a sensible one, not like the assholes you have today.

  2. Youre right. A Kennedy democrat.
    Nowadays the democrats have more in common with lee Harvey Oswald than john fitzgerald Kennedy.

    I didn’t have a quarrel with Pat. Disagreed but not disagreeable as a person.

    RIP Mr Caldell.

  3. DOC

    My Sr. year in HS a local ex union president and host of GE Theater said. “My party nominated a Communist, then they went and elected said Commie President. They are no longer my party. In 1960. But Ronny did not go to Norwalk and change his registration from Commie (D) to R til ’62.

    I was still a CONSERVATIVE Dem when I watched “THE SPEECH” on TV 10/64. I voted against my party and for Barry!

  4. I always listened to what Pat had to say. Never made me want to shoot the TV full of holes. When is Pelosi or Schumer going to stroke out?🙁

  5. Caddell was much better than the Kennedys. I’m tired of having K family idolized. I lived in their era, and they were just sleazy pols.

  6. I actually used to watch the Sunday shows back in the day and really loved to consider the opinion of Democrats and… those days ended long ago, this is a great loss. I mean to tell ya` a guy like Pat Cadell could make an argument that I loved to work my way through. Today it is all canned progressive talking points with no theory to buttress and that is a damn shame.

    It is no fun anymore. It makes it hard to hone your apologetic when all you have to workout your argument against with is shit.

  7. I’m sure he was a fine guy, but aren’t all dems even back then socialists in training? Hell, the KKK is older than he was, segregation is older than he was, restricting blacks and wimmin from voting is older than he was. All this has roots to the dems, doesn’t it? And if he hated iOTW that’s 3 strikes and you’re out.

  8. BFH,

    Post the vid of him saying that about iotw!

    The video went when youtube banned us, I have to see if the original person who took the video still has it. -bfh

  9. Ya know, it was fun to have a guy who disagrees with you… but gives you something to consider. Ridicule is almost all I have left as rebuttal any longer. That is a function of not respecting those who are trotted out to articulate on the positions I am not predisposed to accept.

    That also makes it such that my opinions become ossified and that does me no favor. I would much rather have something to consider and make me consider my own juxtaposition in depth.

    To not have that makes my opinion so much weaker than if I had to develop it in hand to hand combat against a worthy opponent and his apologetic provided exactly that.

  10. He wasn’t a bad dude. He could actually discuss his positions and why he had them. Without smearing all white people based on them being born white. I respected that.

  11. R.I.P.
    Those on the side of truth and fairness are slowly vanishing.

    Are we sure there wasn’t a pillow involved?

  12. Never right to speak poorly of the departed.
    Having witnessed this ‘for a fee’ portensive POS from FOX and CNN kneel and blow.
    He really called it like it was, especially when being in line to cash a check,,,, Who’s next?
    It’s me, Pat

  13. Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen.
    I loved Pat. People talked over him too much. He was not a democrat. Was a speechwriter for one but himself? Was a million miles away.

  14. Pat Caddell displayed Integrity, Knowledge, experience, insight and the used facts to shed light on what the democrat party became and their intention for the future of this nation.

  15. Must admit, Pat Caddell displayed Integrity, knowledge, experience, insight
    And always identified himself, never ‘Anonymous’ly

  16. Anonymous unite!
    As long as I don’t have to sign in to comment, I will continue.
    What makes you superior just because you use a screen name?

  17. Always enjoyed listening to him. He was from an era when Democrats and Republicans both wanted what was best for America (for the most part), but had differing ideas on how to get there. When you could have a civil debate between the two.

    That started falling apart with the Clinton admin. and the “vast right wing conspiracy” tripe, and then all civil discourse vanished during the Dark Ages (Princess Barry’s reign). Pat Caddell would absolutely eviscerate Obama. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

    RIP, Pat. You were a good man.

  18. I worked for the Carter Cabinet, biggest bunch of communists I ever saw in one room. I quit. Don’t fool yourself, he was a communist.

  19. He never missed a chance to take the Dummycrat Party out behind the woodshed and and give them what-for when it was needed (which was most of the time). And BFH is right – he wasn’t a “partisan hack ideologue” like too many of them are (i.e. Juan Williams). Told it like it was. RIP Mr. Caddell – you will be greatly missed.


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