Pat Condell on the Election


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The time is now for Trump.

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  1. Brilliant . The core fundamental choice magnified, and explained better than just anyone else I’ve heard.
    With Brunell Donald a close contender

  2. I’m not so sure I agree that we could have had a better candidate than Trump. I’ve watched the guy correct many of his mistakes and improve his mode of operation at a good pace. He knows the game now and he’s doing what’s necessary while looking very professional and honest about the whole thing. He’s very good at making improvements.
    The fact that he hasn’t submitted to the corrupt political establishment is what makes him the ideal candidate. Don’t know who could replace him and still stand a chance.

    We are backing the Champ. No doubt about it.

  3. He lives in a country destroyed by political correctness and the importation of third world leeches. America should take everything he says as the voice of experience.

  4. I find it interesting that I enjoy hearing the English speak on behalf of America rather than most Americans doing the speaking (Farage, Condell, Thatcher).
    As much as I enjoy Buchanan’s take on the issues, Condell says it in a way that gets my attention. Having said that, Andrew Breitbart was fearless and impressed me more than anyone else ever did with his ability to articulate his arguments. It’s to bad that a guy like Condell is not an American who could represent (politically) the right with an honesty and ability that few on the right seem to have.

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