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Pathetic Efforts To Counter, “Let’s Go Brandon”

We should have expected this, but the off-putting response from the establishment left has been truly distasteful.

First up, we have the occupant of the White House using a cognitively impaired man to pitch his “Build Back Better” boondoggle. That’s nothing new you might say, Democrats are always using people as props. True, but this wheelchair bound unfortunate is named Brandon, which is clearly emphasize in the clip to the point where people noticed on Twitter. Here

Fortunately for Biden, the MSM choose not to pick up on the angle and let the whole think disappear quietly down the memory hole.

Second, we have talking head and noted potty mouth, Ken Dilanian, on MSNBC calling “Let’s Go Brandon” a threat against Biden and attempting to narc to the feds about it. Here

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  1. The Left could always offer their own slogan:

    “Let’s Go Trump!”

    Of course, then they’d have the whole country chanting that one (even with dual meanings, possibly) and the next thing you know, Trump wins in 2024.

    DeSantis 2024. (But a lot of us will take Trump back in a heartbeat even though he has some splainin to do about Warp Speed and Fauci.)

  2. The female reporter created “Let’s go Brandon” meme all by herself.

    Now we know she lies.

    And I’m betting “Let’s go Brandon” has long legs.

    Nice job. Even if is the opposite of what you wanted.

  3. “…calling “Let’s Go Brandon” a threat against Biden…”

    Snowflakes conflate scorn and derision with threats of harm. This assists with claiming victim status.

  4. After all the trash talk about Trump, GW Bush, and Sarah Palin, the lefties don’t have a leg to stand on. FJB

  5. What the control freak demokarens don’t get is that once the targets of your ongoing manipulations figures out that you’re full of shit and never deliver on a goddamn thing you promise, as is the case with democrats, you’ll never get them to trust you again. Couple that with the fact that democrats openly despise average people and think they can be shut up for good by just calling them “racists” at the drop of a hat, and it’s clear that the long standing source of neo-liberal and neo-con power is crashing and burning. They’re a pack of supremely selfish neo-feudal cunts, and not a particularly bright pack either.

    Even now, they’re expecting us to feel grateful for not having to wear a mask or be called a racist just for existing while white. Fuck these people. They deserve punishment for what they’ve done to us.

  6. I hope the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme lasts for a while; I don’t want to have to peel the sticker off my truck window.

  7. Build back Better????

    No Labour
    No Oil
    No Copper (wire & pipe)
    No Lumber
    No Welders
    No chips for Trucks/electronics/etc.
    No HVAC parts
    No appliances
    No Meat/chicken etc.
    No Nurses/cops/pilots/train engineers/truckers
    No Ammo (sorry Brad, almost forgot)
    No Blood donations apparently

    You cannot build with Stu Catso (slang in Italian “this Dick”)

  8. Last week, they/them had to explain why Biden making the “OK” sign was not racist code. When Biden inevitably and unwittingly references Brandon, they/them are going to contort themselves into hideously comical shapes, and it will be glorious to behold.

    Theythem have completely “lost the plot”, as the meme goes, and it shall not be found anytime soon. And whole they/them are scrambling to find it, a new take shall be laid down for they/them to step on, probably by one of they/ their bumbling, earnest compatriots. I am thoroughly enjoying their agony.


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