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Patience Wearing Thin on Residents in Town Where ‘Migrants’ Were Dropped

BLP: A small town in New Mexico where thousands of asylum-seeking “migrants” have been dropped is beginning to question whether it can handle the influx of foreigners.

Deming, New Mexico has taken in 2,600 “migrants” in a period of two weeks, according to Wall Street Journal, and is now operating a shelter for “migrants.” The town has only 14,000 residents. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been releasing “migrants” into towns across the American southwest when their sectors are filled to capacity.

In Deming, the town has been welcoming. But some are asking questions.

“You have volunteers that are starting to get burned out,” resident Sophia Cruz reportedly said. “There’s no turning them away. So what then?”

Cruz is a former border patrol agent herself.

Border Patrol has attempted to drop “migrants” at shelters and charitable organizations, but in many instances, even those places are overrun.  more

12 Comments on Patience Wearing Thin on Residents in Town Where ‘Migrants’ Were Dropped

  1. “In Deming, the town has been welcoming.”

    That was their first mistake.

    “But some are asking questions.”

    Not asking those questions before opening your arms and taking them in was your second mistake.

    ““There’s no turning them away. So what then?””

    And there lies your third and finally, fatal mistake. Sorry you’re stuck with them now. I hope everybody in town is vaccinated and that MS-13 thugs are not part of your community now.

  2. I’m sure the Koch Brothers have thousands of acres and would be happy to help given their view on immigration. Also in democrat controlled states the governors mansions are surrounded by plush grounds that could accommodate tent cities and row after row of porto-potty’s.
    I’m sure they’re eager to help!

  3. They need to consider the wonderful financial gains they will be receiving from the migrants.

    The ones the Democrats assure us they are bringing to America.

  4. They need to dump a pile of them in some towns where these judges who keep over ruling Trump live.

  5. It’s good to see them recieve the benefits of their
    destructive politics in such a direct and personal way.

  6. “There’s no turning them away.”
    Sez who?
    As soon as the FedGov’s back is turned, round up the illegals and “asylums”, and start marching them back south.
    “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. “

  7. What happened to Trump’s plan to bus them to sanctuary cities? Drop them off in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, etc. and watch the dems heads explode with hypocrisy.


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