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Patrick Byrne Brilliantly Explains Why It’s Mathematically Impossible That Katie Hobbs Won Arizona

Liberty Daily: It feels like the vast majority of America First patriots have given up any hope of correcting the various stolen 2022 elections, let alone the 2020 presidential election. Many have come to the conclusion that the system is simply too corrupt and not enough people with power or a voice are willing to risk being labeled “election deniers” in order to fight the good fight.

Overstock founder Patrick Byrne is one of the rare voices continuing to fight. Specifically, he recently came out with a short video explaining why it’s mathematically impossible that Democrat Katie Hobbs won the gubernatorial race in Arizona. Watch:

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  1. 𝒞𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓀𝑒𝓇FJB𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎
    FEBRUARY 4, 2023 AT 8:12 PM
    “We knew it was a steal… What are we gonna do about it?”


    Same as always.

  2. I dropped a mail in ballot at a Maricopa voting center and asked, “Dont you want to see my ID” And the worker said “No need”

    So I went home and picked up a mail in ballot mailed to my son who had moved to another state. And I went back to the voting center and asked again, “Dont you want to see my ID?” And when they said No again, I replied, “Well you should because this is someone else’s ballot.”

    And both times I saw people milling around and it looked like nobody was in charge. It looked like a scene ripe for fraud

  3. The “precedent” for stolen elections was set by Congress when they Certified the stolen Presidential Election.

    There was nothing done when the Presidency was stolen. We the voters didn’t have standing.

    A “precedent” has been set that is binding on a point of law, and may also be persuasive to courts in other jurisdictions, in subsequent cases involving sufficiently similar facts.

    “The Arizona Secretary of State is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of our elections.” That’s the Official statement on the Arizona state site.
    Failure. The Arizona Secretary of State and Judiciary has failed

    A stolen election has been certified, there’s nothing will be done.
    Stolen Elections are obviously not correctable.

  4. And yet Hobbs is firmly ensconced in the governor’s office with Lake holding rallies calling Hobbs a squatter.

    Maybe someone can tell me something different but the courts have already ruled against Lake. Yes, her lawyers went to the Appellate Court but she will probably lose there as well and even if they do find for her, it will not overturn the election, count any more ballots, or provide a mechanism to redo the election. Hobbs IS the governor regardless of a hundred videos claiming it is impossible.

    And I wish the author would please explain to me what,”fight the good fight” means. Aside from voting myself and bitching on blogs about stolen elections, what other way does he/she want me to fight? I’m all ears.

  5. @Rich Taylor, the answer to your question about “fighting the good fight” is either “buy my book” or “send me more money”.
    They’re all (okay only 99%) grifters.

  6. Anyone with the IQ of a soap bubble knows she didn’t win. Just like they know Biden didn’t win in 2020. Doesn’t matter. The left cheated. They didn’t even TRY to hide their cheating. They didn’t need to because they OWN ever single mechanism tasked with stopping their cheating. The media, Big Tech, Academia, EVERY major Fed LEO agency and about 90% of Federal Judges are OWNED by the DNC aka American Communist Party. TINVOWOOT. Want your country back? Saddle up, sack up, step off the porch and START HUNTING because their is NO peaceful way to remove the criminals from power who have illegally seized power.

  7. Dan is 1,000% right. Nothing will be taken back with lawfare. NOTHING. Someone has to be first and guaranteed a big public splash & that person will be vilified like you’ve never seen some one vilified. He’s going to have to take one for the team. History is written by the winners. That’s probably why low key and local will win the day. ala Unintended Consequences.

    BTW this guy’s analogy with the coin toss is weak.

  8. Sadly, they want us to start killing them (the expendable ones) so that they can unleash overwhelming force to install an complete Police State over what was once a Constitutional Republic.

    At the time of the Revolution, only ~1/3 of Americans supported Independence, ~1/3 supported George III, and the other ~1/3 didn’t GAF.
    Today there are millions upon millions of Americans who just want to smoke dope, drink Muscatel, and watch TV (or text meaningless shit on their phones).

    Nihilistic Totalitarianism OWNS the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Judiciary, the White Hut, and the Legislature.

    God’s intervention is necessary to stem the flood of Evil drowning the World.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Haven’t found any evidence to support such a theory, but one can’t help but wonder if this kinda crap wasn’t on the Founder’s minds when they put the 2nd amendment in there…

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