Patrick Byrne Comments on New Supreme Court Lawsuit Challenging Election 2020

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Kurt Olsen and a number of state AG’s have worked on this lawsuit. Here are my thoughts on it.


Over at you will find the complaint and the exhibits, as well as a way to nag your state AG to support it. It’s a quick process, and you can even email them a pdf of the lawsuit.


Mike Lindell is having a 96 hour Thanks-a-thon starting tonight at midnight. Info here

8 Comments on Patrick Byrne Comments on New Supreme Court Lawsuit Challenging Election 2020

  1. I emailed this letter to my state’s AG. It may not do any good because she is a buddy of Gov Whitmer, but I still need to make my voice heard.

    Please send it to your state’s AG. You never know if yours might tip the scales.

  2. I’ll do it, but of course I’m in California so it will have as much effect as a butterfly’s burp in a tornado.

    BUT…if the 2020 election is overturned and Trump returns to the WH, he’ll be knee deep in a huge mess created by FJB.

    Would he or anyone else want to be tainted with that?

  3. @Mohammed

    Some of then you can’t get rid of…there’s no way to X it to make it disappear – like “Review of SAVVY Insurance”. I hate them -they are a total nuisance.

  4. Pink swastika, I don’t think any of us like it, including BFH, MJA, and all the rest. Somehow the bills have to be paid. I think we need a bunch of rich guys to pay the bills so the rest of us can enjoy the site without interruptions. Maybe you can help arrange that.

  5. joe6pak
    NOVEMBER 24, 2021 AT 10:18 PM
    “This is good to see! I just pray it gets traction and gets a fair hearing!”

    Hi, I’m John Roberts, I guess you haven’t heard of me? I’m the guy who decides what my Supreme Court hears.

    And this here in my hand is a specisl stamp that I got just so I don’t wear my hand out writing thesame thing over and over on all these “lawsuits” you peasants actually think I’m going to entertain about the guy I have to allow to be president so the naked pictures of ME don’t come out.

    Here, give me that lawsuit you have there for a sec, I’ll show you how it works.



    There you go. Pleasure doing business with you.

    (Walks back towards chambers starting to chuckle)

    *fair hearing*


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