Patrick Mahomes Inks 10-Year Extension For Half-a-Billion Dollars

Fox News

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have agreed to a 10-year contract extension, which will keep him tied to Kansas City through the 2031 NFL season, according to ESPN.

ESPN also reported that the contract is worth up to $503 million in total, making it the richest deal in sports history. The deal includes $477 million in guaranteed mechanisms, and the ability for Mahomes to have outs if guarantee mechanisms aren’t exercised. He also has a no-trade clause. More

According to the Kansas City Star, Mahomes didn’t demand the Chiefs change their name as part of his new contract.

25 Comments on Patrick Mahomes Inks 10-Year Extension For Half-a-Billion Dollars

  1. Seeing as how the NFL is on the decline, it’s amazing that team executives would agree to a record contract. The brightest and best do not rise to the top anymore, but the Peter Principal still lives on.

  2. Playing for the “Chiefs” is he?

    By the end, the multi hundred million investment will be taking a big dump on their history and throwing a statue of Hank Stram in the river.

    I’m already a slave for a lot less.

  3. Mahomes is a super nice guy and devout Christian, is maybe 25 and already has proven himself both on the field and off. I only dislike him when he beats my teams.

  4. Patrick Mahomes is a good tight everything right half black half white AMERICAN!!!!…..GOOD ON HIM!…..GO CHIEFS!!!….Can I say that anymore?…..OK…I’ll say GO PIRATES because nobody really cares and all the authentic pirates are dead….

  5. Blame it on A Fraud when the Texas Rangers gave hima huge gigantic contract for 200 million dollars on a ten year contract and then the NY Yankees even upped that further. That’s when a lot of these players became multi, multi millionaires. I don’t think any pro athlete is worth that much money for playing a game.

  6. Good on him and his talent, but if I was Brady I would be a bit miffed. 6 rings vs 1 ring.

    Andrew luck was way overpaid and never really materialized.

    Often when people get a huge payday the let it go to their head and screw up, but I don’t think that will happen to Mahomes.

  7. Mahomes is genuine. Good on him. He’s the kind of guy that will share it where it needs to be.

  8. good on Mahomes, seems like a decent kid … good luck to him
    $477 in ‘guaranteed mechanisms’ means he’s got incentive clauses, like x$ for MVP, All-Star team, playing a whole season, winning playoffs/Super Bowl, etc.

    btw, anybody that supports/watches NFL, NBA, NOOSECAR, this year in particular, is aiding the PC/SJW/BLM insanity that’s taking over our country

  9. Another example of prejudice.
    If he were a white quarterback he would’ve gotten a $1 billion contract*.

    * Tom Brady signed a 2 year, $50,000,000 contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including $50,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $25,000,000.

  10. WTF is the nfl anyway…and Who TF is HE?

    I don’t really give a flying fu*k about any professional sports anymore…it’s just something else the left has totally fu*ked up!

  11. If I was the Chief’s owner, I wouldn’t have offered that deal. The NFL may take a huge hit re attendance and viewership.

    I would’ve waited for a couple of years to see how things shake out.

  12. @ex-fan

    I wonder how America will look in 2031. We all want it to remain intact, but there are storms on the horizon that we have to face.

    China and domestic terrorists among them.

  13. So yeah, if Mahomes takes a knee…there you go….I don’t think he will..he just wrote a check for his great, great, great granchillin’s…

  14. I wonder what the nfl will look like in 2031?

    It will be renamed the CFL – Chinese Football League. It will be the only way to make team salaries since ratings and attendance are crashing in the USA. Go Wuhan Virals!

  15. Mahomes seems like a nice guy too bad the NFL is dead to me as is the NBA. Holding out hope that MLB and NHL don’t go SJW on me or I’ll be done with professional sports.

  16. Ridiculous. He’s a nice kid, but hopefully the NFL will be bankrupt in 5 years. And hopefully all that dough won’t cause Mahomes to renounce his Christianity and become another CrapperDick.

  17. If you can still ignore the leftist takeover of pro sports and support these teams with your viewership and money then you’re a weak link in the chain.
    Help purge the insane actions of players and sniveling management at least temporarily by ignoring them.


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