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  1. Second video, second to last guy is carrying a two-way. Never seen one person carrying one during true patriot marches or when kicking antifag asses.

  2. Apparently, we have gotten so good at sniffing out these fakes and their fake fakery that they had to resort to wearing full face coverings.

    Good job, guys,

  3. I will wager that these are all union workers (same ones who were selected to work the polling “security” in the 2020 election) hand picked by the Democrat party for propaganda purposes. The mid-term elections are coming and you should expect to see more of this BS.

  4. Gay day in DC?

    Mommy got them up early and dressed them in matching outfits before dropping them off at the local bathhouse for an invocation and last minute instructions from their handlers at the FBI before marching down to the Capital together. Log Chuggin Republicans and the FBI, what a team.

    The big winner? JC Penney who got the contract for outfitting putting together their ensembles.

  5. All dressed similarly.
    Faces covered.
    Well funded (notice the accoutrements).

    Only thing missing is “Sieg Heil!” or “Heil Soros!” with a stiff-arm salute.
    Most certainly not patriotic Americans – no indication of independent thought.

    Oh, yeah … Fuck Joe Biden.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Assuming these guys are legit, why all the fuss? How are they different from a BLM protest, a woman’s march for abortion protest, or even what MLK did 50 years ago? Many groups representing causes I don’t support march, that’s the beauty of a free country and the right to peacefully assemble.

    On a personal note, I don’t like the practice of flying our flag upside down. Yes, I know what it signifies, I still don’t like it and dilutes any support you might garner from me.

  7. The clearest indicator for me that this is a bullshit made-up group by the left as a means to scare little children is that they don’t have an official website declaring their positions. All I could find was stuff from the SPLC and the ADL identifying them as a hate group and a white supremacist group. Who lets their enemies define them?

  8. Hired off of Craigslist:
    Uniforms, flags, shields, travel and lodging provided- $17:95 an hour. Call 1-900-fbisuck now.

  9. Khakis? Really? With matching tops and aluminum shields? Do they wear coordinated GrAnimal undies too?

  10. Petrus,
    I went to the Wiki page. Interesting that part of their “symbol” would be the Italian “fasces” (bundle). This was the symbol Mussolini used for his fascist Gubberment. Real movement? Fake (false flag) movement? Don’t know, don’t care. I’m staying as far away from them as possible.

  11. Real Patriots don’t wear Mickey Mauci’s masks.

    I Had Chinky-dink virus &I won’t wear one for the new Xi variant, either

  12. Let me put this question to you: If these idiots were legitimately what they purport to be…. Where was ANTIFA to counter protest them? Hmmmm… could it be that ANTIFA is in actuality an FBI sponsored operation that is directed from top down and the head of the snake is housed within the J Edgar Hoover Building? The same location planning for this sham took place within.

  13. A remarkable day in history – an alt right group manages to get several dozen to protest and there is no counter-protest. Nothing unusual about that …

  14. I smell alphabet agency here.

    A group of alleged white supremacists/nationalists marching right on through DC. Sure.

    They needed to put on a show like this to strengthen their “racist!” narrative which is falling apart. Rittenhouse didn’t go their way; Self Defense is affirmed. Darrell Brooks (Waukeshau parade murderer) and the hate-hoaxer trial of Jussie Smollet doesn’t look good for the “White Nationalism is our nation’s greatest threat” storyline.

    I’ve never known a “white supremacist” in my 56 years or anyone who would dress up and larp like this, other than at some Comic Con event.

  15. The first time I saw this last night, I tweeted that it was the FBI trying to do a False Flag.

    But we know what they are up to. Get real … what self-respecting conservative patriot would dress up like clowns: matching outfits, shields, face coverings; and then all pile into U-Haul trailers to be ‘bused’ back to wherever they came from! Seriously?

    The left has absolutely NO idea what we are about. They think we are just like them, but without the right beliefs – their beliefs. The really don’t know or understand that we are individuals. They think that because they do not have their own thoughts, neither do we. Honestly, their minds are so twisted that they run and cower at any fresh thought that might brush by their brains.

    I don’t know how else to put it. They are mentally challenged and can only function when someone tells them what to think and feel.

  16. FBI for sure.
    They can’t do anything right.
    They look like they sent the same guy to bulk buy khakis and jackets, etc. as bought the picnic outfits this past summer.

  17. We have armies of one numbering in the millions-small groups can be effective.
    And very quiet.
    These fucktards didn’t learn anything from Jan 6; what the hell is the point?
    Stay anonymous, my friends.


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