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Patterns of Deceit

I had to re-read the discussion and re-examine the graphics to understand what the writer is alleging. Basically, given the that rural residents favor republicans, there should be a pattern of mail-in ballots trending more right than left as those more distant votes move randomly through the mail system. Absentee ballots from cities would be counted early and should skew left (if that many were actually cast for Biden).

In the graphs provided, the pattern should curve downward (the data is given as a ratio of Democrat / Republican votes) as more rural conservative votes arrive and are counted. The graphs for WI, PA, GA, MI even VA don’t follow the expected pattern, that downward curve is disrupted and shifted upwards to Biden in these states. This shouldn’t happen and didn’t in other states (like FL and MN). Here

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  1. The statistical probability of one event being skewed the way any of these are is fairly low. For a second one it is much lower than that. By the time you have five or six such events all skewed in the same favor it approaches the chances of winning a power ball lottery. I looked this over this morning and if the data points are correct it is all anyone needs to draw a valid conclusion that the election was rife with fraud

  2. I don’t need graphs or statistics to tell me that when a candidate who can hold rallies attended by tens of thousands of supporters every time he appears is beaten by a candidate who has trouble attracting more people than your average dogfight, something is seriously wrong with the election process.

  3. I found it weird that today a couple of democrats were on various new shows saying Trump abandoned people who live in rural areas, and Biden would not. Joe would be their champion and make their life easier. Yet I think the majority of rural people believed the opposite and voted for Trump. It was the urban city people that voted for Biden, even the dead.

  4. Very interesting article. Definitely worth a read.

    I think Trump can nail the fraudsters with statistical analysis like this.

  5. Too dumb to even cheat correctly. They don’t understand that most of us deal with percentages every day in our working lives. And our non work related lives. We see a trouble at xxx x street and we compare that to our knowledge of xxx x street.

    If we have no knowing we start at the beginning. But if we DO have some knowing we can, most of the time, start somewhere other than the beginning and can most times compress the time and effort it takes to come to a conclusion.

    These morons skip steps that we don’t skip. Our steps are very well thought out.

    What I’m trying to say is communists should all be shot.

    This goes back to Thirdtwin and his maf comment. I know he’s making fun of the idiots and the word math.

    I had a fucking clown tell me the MAF sensor in an automobile was the reason the HEAT didn’t work in the car.

    “The Mass Air Flow sensor regulates the hot water into the heater core?”


    “You are a fucking idiot…”

  6. We certainly have to hope the court investigators look into the anomalies of the odd voting patterns, and rule it solid evidence of vote fraud. And after adjustment to void the fake votes Trump wins.

    And do not instead rule that while voting patterns are very unusual, they are still possible, therefore legal & not vote fraud, and let the vote count stand. And with no adjustments Biden’s win stands.

  7. @Erik — I’m surprised the f.i. didn’t try to tell you that heater water injection systems using MAF sensors are inaccurate and prone to failure, and that you need to upgrade to a MAP (Manifold Aquatic Pressure) injection system for only $2,200.

  8. Did anyone else try to download the time series data using that tinyupload link? When I try it, it goes to a page that just sits there waiting for me to tell it what file on my computer I want to upload. There’s not much help info there, either. I’ve tried two different browsers.

    (I was able to retrieve the script from pastebin without any trouble.)

  9. @Uncle Al, HAA!

    These cats! No, the MAP sensor tells you where to go on your GPS!


    Your Knock Sensor tells you when to open the door.

  10. Interesting stuff, and right up my alley. I’ve done an awful lot of time series data analysis, both event driven such as this, and interval accumulations.

    I would very much like to know what the story is about the Virginia D/R ration over time graphs that show the same “anomaly” shape but from a place without fraud claims.

  11. Uncle Al — I think we’d be surprised to find the same anomaly shapes (graphs) from every single blue city/county/state; not just the ones under the microscope.

    My theory: There wasn’t enough time for the swing states to fill out enough ballots for processing, so already processed ballots were boxed up and driven to those areas. In the video of the Asian whistle blower, he said that the three vehicles that delivered 61 boxes of ballots at 4:00 a., all had out-of-state plates.

    After POTUS Trump’s run-up in important states like FL and along the Ecoast, the remaining states panicked (because they thought they’d done enough already to ensure a Biden win at the ballot box). They realized there wasn’t enough time, or even enough ballots, to fill in the little bubbles so they started running ballots over the border.

  12. …and of course that is why they stopped the count; in order to make up the loss. We all know that.

  13. Another stat that would be good to know is the average voter turnout among R’s and D’s in “safe Republican” and “safe Democrat” states. Do R and D voter turnout numbers (2020 over 2016) remain generally “true” among those states or is there anomolous changes?

  14. So AA, if I read your theory correctly, you’re saying that already processed – counted? – ballots from other states were transported to the losing swing states and counted again as Biden votes? Hmmmm. Have to think about that one.

  15. You were forced to believe Epstein killed himself, Seth Rich died in a failed robbery, and missing files just appeared in the Clinton White House map room days after the statute of limitations expired. So what makes you think this time is different?

  16. stirrin — Yes, that’s what I’m thinking. Nothing can be off the table at this point. If they didn’t use already-filled-in ballots, how could they get the numbers they needed in, say, PA. I think they would take all kinds of risks to produce a “win” for Creepy Joe, thinking that since they have The Media (All Hail The Media!) on their side to say whatever they want them to say. Or to say nothing.


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