Paul Joseph Watson Has Questions About the Mail Bombs

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  1. little Benny shapiro said “if your first reaction to some evil person sending bombs to a variety of politicians on one side of the isle is “false flag” you are officially deranged.

    No you little antiTrump turd, it mean we are thinking, not knee jumping.

  2. PJW is saying what we are all thinking.

    This set up is the same as the idiots who set themselves up as victims of racism, homophobia, islamophobia, etc. Only later we do find out they themselves are the perpetrators.

    These Acme devices are agitprop of the most dangerous kind, I am certain we will find out the true political affiliation of Wiley E. Coyote shortly. Spoiler Alert: He ain’t MAGA certified.

  3. WNPC coverage with Looping Chopper covering live pre-re-recorded coverage of Level lev11 blinking blinking blinking blue lights.
    Kurt Eichenwald T.R.I.G.G.G.E.R.E.D.

  4. NYPD News conference: Nothing new. Powder is “non-biological” No info on whether or not the bombs are real. Total PC bullshit.

  5. I’m not interested – for the moment – in “unity”…
    …nor any virtue-signalling call for “both sides” to denounce violence…
    …because the *only* language the Left understands is violence and/or serious legal punishment.

    I’m interested in ending their sh!t-game or, barring that, ending them playing it. Simply said: bringing normalcy and order back, insofar as reasonably possible.
    The next 2 years of the Trump Administration will be revealing.

  6. Orchestrated: I’m so relieved that so many of us had that same thought as soon as it was reported.
    Grateful that their plans have failed (attacking judge K., mob).

  7. CNN staff handled the package AFTER discovering it was apparently a bomb. So did Soros’ staff.

    So in both cases they knew it was not real; if there was doubt in their minds they never would have handled it at all once the contents were uncovered.

    Then Soros Jr. was all prepped with a record-time-to-print, blame-Trump editorial.

    Common sense: The hoax originates with Soros or a close ally. CNN knew and participated in the hoax.

  8. He’s right! It’s gotta be Bernie butt-hurt related. That’s why the ‘bomber’ picked oily-haired DW Schultz for the return address. She was the leader of the DNC at the time when she, hillary, 0bama, biden and the others screwed him over for hillary! And I think I remember Maxine trashing Bernie a while back and she also said there’s no such thing as socialists in the Dem party and it was ridiculous thing to say. Hmmmm…

  9. It seems we’ve gotten too many facts on the bombs, names, addresses, photos, and details. Most of the time nothing is leaked out till a “person of interest” is found. Why would the investigators leak details?? Maybe they’re hoping to nail a copy-cat with all the bombs, because someone on the inside is mailing most of them out. It just doesn’t seem normal.

  10. They’re playing a dangerous game. What if some lunatic takes this opportunity to show them how to properly build a real pipe bomb and sends it to one of them in an identical package.

  11. MJA, I hope it’s not some Jason Kessler type schmuck who’s a political chameleon opportunist, and the media will black out every leftist thing he’s ever said, written or done.

  12. Holder says ‘We’ are gonna coordinate all of our Federal resources to get to the bottom of this
    What you mean ‘we,’ kemosabe?
    Why does Anti-Fa Holder still have a Security Clearance? His ‘resources’ are masked anti-fa thugs and 350 pound heavyweights at the coffee clatches.

  13. Where was Clock Boy when this was GOING DOWN?

    OTOH, they DO look like Hollywood props according to the PJW.

    Is PJW married? Asking for a friend.

  14. Democrats mailing themselves fake bombs for fake news propaganda is an attempt to cover their reputation for violent radical socialism and communism (e.g. ANTIFA) with a fresh coat of victimhood and an attempt to try to make their dishonest claims of violent Republicans look true.


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