Paul Joseph Watson- Losing England To Leftwing Dystopia

“At one point Britain owned a 3rd of the world…

now the 3rd world owns Britain.” –Handsome Crash Bandicoot

5 Comments on Paul Joseph Watson- Losing England To Leftwing Dystopia

  1. The Land of Hope and Glory becomes the Land of Haplessness and Sorrow. It didn’t take three generations to destroy this formerly great country. It can only get worse.

  2. Now even Nigel Farage bows to the Antichrist. That pathetic scum, I will never trust him again. David Finzer would curse him from his grave now.

  3. The next democrat president will accelerate the transformation here. I never thought I’d live to see this happening on our ground but here we are.
    I hope for a spark that brings a firestorm against the traitors infesting this country but hopes are dimming.

  4. For me the defining image of the fucking cesspool GB had become were lines doubled up around the block leading up to a police station where Brits were VOLUNTARILY turning in their weapons.


    Nelson is spinning in his grave.

    The only possible reason is the devastating loss of male lives in WW l & ll. From pretty much having the dominant culture on earth for 100s of years to no go zones and random moslim scum killing people with knifes and vans.

    Double unreal.

    And what’s worse is even with this happening right now, all across Europe with moslim scum, we continue to allow 10s of 1,000s of these scumbags into our country, legally, every year.

    Triple unreal.


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