Paul Joseph Watson – New Zealand Mosque Massacre

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  1. Look, they need to keep people divided and this was only the latest iteration of that task. If everybody gets along with each other the fascists lose. The democrats lose. The authoritarian statists LOSE.

  2. Division will continue so long as Ardern is in office. A multi-cult (multiculturalism) promoter, but don’t dare unify around anything deemed being a New Zealander. Multi-cults: A steaming cauldron of destruction.

  3. This is another “false flag” operation for various reasons. For one, Trump was blamed for this massacre. Then there are the gun control freaks who are shills for the Globalist agenda of disarming America. Another reason is to continue to stoke the friction between Islam and Christianity. The ruling elite would love a “World War 3” between these two religions to implement their one world government. Let’s not forget the United Nations Agenda 21 which is nothing more than — Divide. Dumb Down. Conquer. And they use their media to sell their lies.
    MEDIA = Making Everyone Dumb In America.

  4. Within minutes of the attack, Ardern was calling for additional gun control. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  5. I usually enjoy PJW but he lost me BIGLY in the first 12 seconds.
    Piss on Islam and it’s adherents.

    @ Lavada Skata . And what was Clinton lackey, Podesta, doing there a few days before it went down?

  6. Donate money to the families? He’s not serious, but he had to throw that in there before he started, I understand.

    I’m not giving money to help sponsor their replacements.

  7. Now play the tape of the Kiwi Prime Minister condemning the muzzies who killed 120 or so BLACK Christians in Nigeria in February of this year. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


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