Paul Le Roux, A Real Life Super Villian

What happens when a cyber security expert goes bad in a big way?  I’m talking trading North Korean meth for Chinese Fentanyl precursor for cash that’s invested in gold, lumber while fathering more children than he can name with beautiful women on several continents. On the side, he oversaw the design of a computer chip to help the Iranians with the guidance systems on their ballistic missiles while ordering hits on those he suspected of stealing from him (authorities estimate that LeRoux is responsible for the murder of at least seven people).

That’s just some known exploits of master criminal, Paul LeRoux. Born in Rhodesia, raised in South Africa, he started out legit in London until something triggered him to say, “To hell with it. I’m going to make hundreds of millions any way I can.” As fascinating as the crimes are, so is the story of the special team of DEA agents known as the “960 Group” (named after an old federal provision allowing US drug agents to go after criminals abroad).

There are two books out now about LeRoux and film maker Michael Mann has secured the rights to his story.  More

Elaine Shannon talked about LeRoux and her book at Politics and Prose recently. Watch


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  1. Shouldn’t Assholes like this be ‘open season’…..for the sake of the children….or the country??

  2. The man is currently in custody after helping arrange the arrest and testifying against 3 different enforcers that he originally got started in the killing business.

    From what Shannon conveys from the people who know LeRoux, its as if being rich beyond anyone’s dreams and having sex with multiple beautiful women was never really the goal, the novelty and excitement of a new way to corrupt, abuse and beat human society is with this guy.

  3. Fatboy now needs to have his obituary published and his or a body cremated. When about a month passes he gets to land at Guantanamo bay and get waterboarded every day for the rest of his short life while he spills every name, every act the location of his plunder. It’s time to stop playing with these guys (both foreign and domestic).

  4. he’s expected to get off with a 15 year sentence, and most of his ‘fortune’ still intact. Probably with credit for ‘time served,’ wherever that is. And that is after _all_ his crimes, which include numerous murders. Oh, some of them were assassinations. 3 guesses who was in charge of the FBI when he was arrested and those arrangements were made.

  5. So how come we can send a special DEA team overseas somewhere to get this guy and Hillary Clinton’s not in prison. What’s he done that she hasn’t? He’s a slimeball for certain but I’d rather take care of the homegrown slimeballs before we start on the foreigrers.


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