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Paul Ryan Advised Republicans To Run From Trump Prior To Election Day, Says Gohmert

Daily Caller: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan advised Republicans to run away from candidate Donald Trump before the election in order to save themselves and hold a future-President Hillary Clinton accountable, Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas revealed in an exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller New Foundation.

“Are you crazy? We haven’t held anyone accountable. You haven’t even let us hold the IRS commissioner accountable [for using government power to harm President Obama’s political adversaries],” an astonished Gohmert said to the speaker on a call.

Gohmert told The DCNF he speaks so courageously because he wants the party to succeed and is appreciative of the prayers sustaining him. He struggles to find joy as he watches government leaders run from doing what is best for the nation at this critical time. Read more/video

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  1. 👍 Trump exposed a lot of things didn’t he? 👍

    1. These people NEVER intended to secure our border, never.

    2. Republicans are double-agents. And when in charge, are just bench-warmers until democrats get the majority back and start moving their policies forward.

    3. They want mass immigration like Europe.

    4. They really had no intention of removing Obamacare. It was destined to fail to usher in the only alternative: Socialized medicine. They don’t want Trump to fix it.

    5. They never intent to hold democrats accountable.

    6. They like sanctuary cities.

  2. I hope Trump can get some permanent changes through. When the dems get in again its all over. We have worms like Ryan to thank.

  3. I felt years ago that the liberal commies had infiltrated the republican party along with every other important institution.

  4. I think we’re in deep swamp water. President Trump will continue to do his best for the American people but the resistance is forever. Will he succeed? Now we can only pray. The likes of Ryan, McCain, Graham, Romney will sink the country. There are few Statesmen left. Louis Gohmert is but one of a few. Sad, sad indeed.

  5. It’s not just the Left who don’t get it, don’t get Trump.

    Trump is just the tip of the spear, and as we all know a spear tip is not effective without the shaft, the bow, or the force behind them all.

  6. This should come with a warning label, “Actual Journalism”. Great interview. My opinion of Gohmert just shot way up. We need this guy in a leadership roll. Great point about selling insurance across state lines.

  7. Louis Gohmert may be a hero to some and he used to impress me, too. But Gohmert was a spineless squish when it mattered the most and he made lame jokes and laughed at Ryan’s “antics.” I don’t trust any of them. I seriously question whatever is motivating him now. None of these sell-outs to America do a damn thing without angling for some kind of payback.

  8. AA

    I think Gohmert is an honest man (as politicians go) we all know current leadership can’t even spell “Honest”. Gohmert in a leadership roll, with the Administrations support would be a big step in the right direction. We desperately need Turtle Boy and Ryan gone.
    Gohmert also made a great point about Trump appointing an independent counsel to investigate Mueller. Gohmert’s description of Mueller sure reflects his actions. What a POS. There’s a Nazi.

  9. BB — I just listened to about 14 of 18+ minutes of his interview and he made an explicit statement of his motivation for coming forward now. He’s most concerned about the future of the Republican party and they are scared to death that Trump will part company with the R’s and start his own party. It’s been done before and no one knows that better than the R’s. Gohmert’s concern trolling as far as I can tell. I don’t trust him. Where was he back during Comey’s testimony where Comey told the whole world there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians? And where was he and the Freedom Caucus when Meuller was appointed as Special Counsel? Asked about whether or not Congress could defund Mueller, he says it’s about the optics. Screw the optics! When they get blowback — which they’ll get in any event — and screw the R’s for putting Trump’s head on the chopping block! They all know good and well that Meuller will not come back without a indictment of some kind. And in the meantime Mueller gets to provide a constant stream of baseless “dirt” on every single person associated with Trump.

  10. …meant to say: When the R’s get blowback for defunding Mueller’s enterprise (if they had the guts to do it), they should just stand firm against charges of “something to hide.” They should stand firm and say, “No! There is nothing to hide except the fact that Mueller’s Brigade of Clinton-sympathizing lawyers is too tainted with bias to conduct an investigation into anything having to do with a Republican President!” But can they do that?! No! They are too worried about the effing optics! Nothing’s changed. Nothing at all!

  11. AA
    I seem to remember Gohmert being pretty vocal on Comey. I remember an appearance on FOX and Friends where Gohmert said “This Guy (Comey) has just admitted to a crime. Why is he not locked up”. That was about a week before Trump took after Sessions on Twitter. I google “Gohmert Comey” and there’s a couple pages of article where Gohmert aggressively went after Comey and Mueller.
    I really don’t know that much about the guy and you maybe right. My interpretation of his comments about the Republican Party were more of a We better circle the wagons around Trump or we are all screwed”. But like I say, I have not followed the guy and don’t know much about his history.

  12. I never understood how Ryan got that position nor why he holds it now. Ineffective, divisive RINO has no place being speaker.

  13. BB — Well, I don’t know about his op-eds or articles about Comey/Mueller (and whatever they are, it can’t come as shocking news to anyone in D.C., anyway). But I registered deep disappointment in the aftermath of the election while listening to him on Dobbs or Varney (can’t remember now, which). If there was anyone in Congress I expected to be outspoken in support of Trump I would have checked his name, but that wasn’t the case and he only added to my growing cynicism toward the rest of so-called “good guys” in Congress. The tea party championed guys like Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Mia Love, etc. and every one of them turned out to be Establishment traitors. Even Newt Gingrich is flirting with being on my “bad” list right now. It’s enough to cause one to weep.

  14. @This Texan Has Had Enough — he got the votes because most of the House R’s are Establishment a$$holes. They made the mistake of thinking that just because he ran as Veep that the tea party supported him and that’s just a big ol’ statement of how insular these jerks are.

  15. AA

    Well if you’re advocating primarying every last one of them and replacing them with a Trump Conservative I’m in total agreement. As I recall there’s not that many of them up for re election in 2018 though.

    What everyone on your list has in common, especially Newt, is they all underestimate the resolve of Trumps base. And drastically underestimated our size. I can’t stand to listen to Newt after his last couple appearances on Fox and Friends. All the media types, especially Drudge, like to point at Trumps low approval numbers. Seems like they were doing the same thing right before Trump one the election. It’s a sad state of affairs no doubt. But take heart, the DNC is giving up on the Mueller show and now has decided the best approach is to attack us physically.

  16. AA. There are no good career politicians. If they were good, they would find a job doing something useful instead of spending their time at the Federal Trough and raising funds, Every penny they take in should be taxed at the 50% rate.

  17. BB — Yes, that is the only recourse left to us — to primary the $hit out of every one them! So I am disgusted with every comment here in which advice is freely given to Trump “…to do X.” As able as he is, he’s not going to be able to do it alone and I’ve been saying this for months. Despite his tremendous appeal, it did actually take a dedicated, albeit very small, group of determined supporters to get him elected. They made the calls into enemy territory to talk to all those undecideds and Ignorant Independents and spent a lot of time being laughed at, sworn at and threatened, in order to wring every last vote out of the electorate. Replacing these guys won’t happen with a couple of Trump rallies.

  18. BB — Gingrich has monetized his relationship w/Trump. I’m sure he doesn’t see it that way, but you should see his little act on The View. Puke.

  19. AA

    I’m sure he’s got a new book in the works.

    Newt and Callista. The ultimate Holier than Thou couple. Except he was cheating on his current wife when he met Miss Jane Jetson’s hair do.

  20. @Extirpates — Of course, you’re right about that. I guess I’m thinking, politics or political careers aside, whatever happened to personal integrity or sense of Godly morality? Most of these guys and gals on the R side speak freely of their Christianity yet have no compunction parsing the truth or justifying clearly dishonest acts of betrayal.

  21. Ryan controls the purse strings of the Republican National Congressional Committee.
    McCONnel controls the purse strings of the Republican Senatorial Committee.

    The deliver MEGA BUCKs to like minded RINOs, provide access to other PACS, access to high dollar donors and bundlers.

    Most of the incumbents and newbie candidates are bought, paid for and tow the line for the RINO/progressive agenda once elected.

    If they choose not to reciprocate to the leadership (?), they lose campaign funding, committee assignments, perks and will lose their seat.

    Lyin’ Ryan and McCONnell have repeatedly proven themselves as untrustworthy, lack the motivation, knowledge, experience or fortitude to lead in a Trump Administration.

    As was said, chop off the head. The body may survive but it’ll have no teeth to threaten or assist other RIONs.

  22. Geoff C. The Saltine

    Yes but only 33 in the Senate. And most of those are a Libtard Lock. Don’t get me wrong, anything is an improvement.

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