Paul Ryan Fixes House Dress Code And Nancy Pelosi Throws A Fit About It – IOTW Report

Paul Ryan Fixes House Dress Code And Nancy Pelosi Throws A Fit About It

COTR: I’d heard about this, but there was a lot of other weird crap going on and, frankly, I didn’t really care.

But some background – apparently, feminists found out that the House of Representatives has a dress code that says women cannot wear sleeveless dresses in the Speaker’s Lobby (to be fair, the code also says that men have to wear jackets and ties). As they tend to do, feminists went ballistic on Speaker Paul Ryan about it, even though the code has been in place for several decades. MORE

20 Comments on Paul Ryan Fixes House Dress Code And Nancy Pelosi Throws A Fit About It

  1. Wait till they discover those 1950s rules requiring all junior female congresswomen to make sandwiches.

  2. What – No pussy hats in the chamber? I guess she’ll have to queef over something else.

    How about mandatory straitjackets and wheelchairs if you keep referring to the current President as the one from 10 years ago.

  3. There were no hats allowed on the floor of the House, until Bella Azbug (Sp) was granted a dispensation because she was such a pain in the ass. So, the traditions of the House went into the gutter to assuage the pique of the socialists.

    We cannot submit to them. We cannot withdraw a single millimeter.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Doesn’t the House of Representatives have a code of conduct as well?
    Why not enforce that?

  5. I completely understand priorities of the House.
    Dress code before repealing obamacare, Budget, Tax reform, illegal immigration, limiting refugees, welfare reform, cut waste and corruption in government, support for the 2nd amendment and many other issues of importance.

  6. Amen, Tim. Now we have black Congresswomen trying to outdo each other in hats which would put Carmen Miranda to shame. The current aisle bird hat queen is Frederick Wilson and her sequined cowboy hat, but Maxine is making a play with her James Brown wighat.

  7. Thirdtwin, beause nothing says ” fully ready for participatory democracy” like a sequined cowboy hat. In pink.

  8. Paul, An Idea For the New Code… No Pastels !
    The Lib’s in their MuMu’s , Will Love You For it…Believe Me !

  9. Sorry fems but if there was a real Patriarchy the dress code would require the women to go topless. Count yourself lucky.

  10. FDS Hygine spray should be mandatory for the old hags, and Depends for the 75YO plus lifetime potentates.

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