Paul Ryan Must Have Quite a Package

Paul Ryan, the “reasonable GOP guy,” the guy who looks down his nose at the Neanderthal Trump, is poised to vote for what everyone feared Trump was going to advocate.

By the time Trump is the president, the GOP will have already given in to what all the pillow biters were worried about.

Hey folks, how about that precious down ballot?

Roll Call-

The House, when it returns next week from its July Fourth recess, will also vote on a mental health bill , sponsored by Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Tim Murphy, Ryan told his House colleagues.

Republicans believe terrorism and mental illness have been leading causes of most mass shootings.

On the call, Ryan said it was common sense that suspects on terror watch lists should not be able to buy guns, but the Wisconsin Republican wants to be sure that any provision protects due process for people who may mistakenly be added to such lists. – See more

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  1. Because terrorists that have bought guns legally have been on the no fly list… Yeah that hasn’t happened but guns used from Obama’s Fast and Furious operation have been used. Grow a package and address the actual issues.

  2. Just got an e-mail from Ryan asking me to step in and donate to “To restore America to greatness with conservative leadership”. His campaign committee.
    My response, “When you step up, I’ll step in, not until then.”

    Actually, as a RINO, he should step down, he’ll never step up. boehner light.

  3. A total waste of time – Any legislation that does not capitulate to the Dem position will be vetoed by Obama – and the R’s in the House and Senate do not have the balls to force him to do just that.

  4. “But glittering prizes and endless compromises
    Shatter the illusion of integrity”

    Rush – The Spirit Of Radio

  5. Mean while in California our legislators are delaying sending 8 of 10 of the worst gun bills you’ve ever seen, to Browns desk by a day because Brown goes on vacation after tomorrow. Gavin Newsom will be there to sign them. Seems that CalFFL had struck an agreement with Brown and he wasn’t going to sign the detachable mag bill.

  6. I send some very “interesting” letters to the Ryan campaign every time they send me another freakin’ solicitation letter, I’m sure there have been a few audible gasps by those who were unfortunate enough to open them. Next time I get one, I’m using the post-paid envelope to return a nice 50 lb. box of scrap metal I’ve been holding on to for the past few months for just such an occasion. I encourage everyone who hears from this loser to do the same, nothing says “Go screw yourself” like costing their campaign $40 in postage fees for a box of junk.

  7. If Ryan’s package contains getting rid of, or eradicating the tolerance of Islam within our country…then I’ll listen.

    Otherwise, he’s just plain wrong.

    I don’t mind listening to a “proposal” of eradicating support for islam in our country.
    But Ryan’s words are hollow, not backed up with action.
    He’s pulling stunts to try and keep his seat in Congress.
    He has certainly proven he is NOT above lying.

  9. Send money to Nehlen. We all know what a POS Ryan is, well here’s the vehicle to get his ass out of DC. It will send shock waves through the country bigger the GB leaving the EU. It will absolutely put the fear of God into Hillary. DO IT.

  10. If there was ONE republicant leader that had HALF the package Michelle Obama has, then we wouldn’t be EIGHT YEARS down the road of obola’s transformation of our country !

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