Paul Ryan Slammed as Rift Between GOP Leaders and Voters Explodes

DougRoss: Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is issuing a stark warning to newly-elected House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI): “reject the importation” of Middle Eastern migrants or “step down today.”

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Huckabee’s challenge to Ryan highlights a widening rift between Republican voters— more than nine in ten of whom want to see immigration reduced— and Republican leaders who want to increase immigration.

By the end of the year, Congress will have to pass a government funding measure, which will be advanced by Ryan, to appropriate funds for all federal operations. As of now, the Ryan’s spending package is set to include a blank check for Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement program.

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16 Comments on Paul Ryan Slammed as Rift Between GOP Leaders and Voters Explodes

  1. Within the next week or two I expect to hear about a DHS report, prepared for them by the Southern Preposterous Lie Collective, warning that they are on the lookout for homegrown terrorism activity from disaffected Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, militias, and sovereign citizens (all lumped together, of course).

  2. pics of him with drugs or sex or outright threats of an unfortunate accident for him or his family.

    That, or freaking huge bribes, unlimited flowing piles of cash. Everyone has a price.

  3. “I wonder what Barry or the democraps are blackmailing him with?”

    I think they have an embarrassing picture of him making a goofy face while wearing earrings and a goofy red hat.

  4. When the Freedom Caucus caved (after listening to DeMint), I knew we’d be screwed and we wouldn’t even get a peck on the cheek.
    And if the C of C thinks the Dems fully support their agenda, maybe we need to form a third party just for the GOPe and the CofC to get kicked in the ass by them as a thank you.

  5. Alfred E. ‘What me Worry’ Newman’s masters won’t allow him to step down! They worked to hard to get their little stooge in the catbird seat. He will continue to thumb his nose at us as he does their will. A large majority of the Republican caucus will follow him lemming like over the proverbial cliff singing kumbaya!

  6. “Will you suck my d__k for a million dollars?”
    “Will you suck it for a dollar?”
    “Hell no, whadda ya take me for?”

    “Already established that – now we’re haggling over price.”

    (Works for every pol in DC)

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