Paul Ryan to Sean Hannity: “That’s Not Who We Are” – IOTW Report

Paul Ryan to Sean Hannity: “That’s Not Who We Are”

Paul Ryan Tells Sean Hannity He Will Not Support Any Cuts To Muslim Immigration: ‘That’s Not Who We Are’
Where have I heard that before?
Obama – “that’s not who we are”

Hillary – “That’s not who we are”

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33 Comments on Paul Ryan to Sean Hannity: “That’s Not Who We Are”

  1. how offensive

    paul, please tell what i am and what to be, since i am now nothing more than a dot on a blog and need your divine guidance

    it is what it is too, fruitcake

  2. Who is we?

    The ‘tards often use ‘we’ and we’re supposed to feel guilty without questioning who ‘they’ mean by ‘we’.

    Well, ‘we’ are not trying to fuck up this country like you are, so ‘we’ are not you.

    I suggest for ‘us’ to always question them who they are meaning when they say ‘we’, because we know it’s not us.

  3. He gets his talking points from guys who wear man lipstick. I think I’ll send him his own tube while I’m thinking about it.

  4. This isn’t immigration, it’s importation. Thousands of would be immigrants who paid their own way to Ellis Island were sent right back if they were sick, or didn’t have a heap of cash, a job lined up, or at least a family here to stay with. Heck, if the people processing them through didn’t like the sound of their name, they were assigned a new one. We never paid their way to get here and they were lucky if we let them stay!

    Why do our betters think it’s a good idea to import the Syrian Culture into the US? That’s what they’re doing. The Syrians aren’t going assimilate. They’re going to continue living as savages who kill their own daughters for “shaming them”, among other reprehensible things.

    It makes sense only if they’re intentionally stealing our country from us. Or they’re just that clueless. Either way, America’s enemies are comfortably posted within the Federal government. And we need to flush them to retirement.

  5. The only way to deal with the likes of Paul Scumbag Ryan is not with him but with his family. His wife and children must be targeted like the leftists did to Palins kids. Arguing or debating with him is useless since that sumbag is clearly as corrupt as the drunken fool Boner. They must pay for what he is doing to us.

    They should be followed everywhere they go. Protestors must show up at his kids schools and sporting events, their house, their church, follow his wife to work, her boyfriends apartment, the store, etc… with whistles, a bull horn, and banging pots and pans. Make the country hate them and deystoy their tranquility. Film them every step of the way and make their faces know. Let the country see who is benefitting from his treason. Have bus loads of volunteers with picket signs following them everyday.

    If your wife and children must be made to suffer by his defiant corruption then so should his.

  6. Now we’re getting somewhere.
    I’ve been attacked by conservatives for doing agitprop about some dangerous asshole’s family.

    “Hands off the family!!”

    “Mustache and Malaria, hands off!!!”


    These assholes are all for paying, with your confiscated money, third world miscreant Syrians, savages that have zero allegiance to Americans or America, to come into your neighborhood, to be near your kids, and suddenly their kids are hands off to our political tactics in this war??


  7. Never underestimate the power of Political Correctness when wielded as a weapon by those who have infiltrated the top levels of power! European nations, the U.N., the United States – in league with those who would love to see the West brought down. It certainly appears to be an ugly trend.

  8. Andy Boy Douchey-Douche Cuomo.

    January 18, 2014.

    “If you don’t support abortion on demand and gun control, then you’re not welcome in New York State, because that’s not what we’re about in New York State.”

    This one comment is what made me go from just generally disliking He-Whose-Surname-Rhymes-with-Homo to praying daily for his assassination.

    How dare this smug, cretinous POS presume to decide what New York State be about? Under this asshole, I can tell you what New York State is NOT about: fiscal competence, good infrastructure, good labor relations with the court system. I’ve been working and paying taxes in New York State since this loser was in law school, and I want to know why, if I’m so “unwelcome” here, he’s still picking my pocket for both income AND payroll taxes.

  9. There are 5 levels of the enemy:
    1. Satan – architect of evil
    2. George Soros types – Puppet Master for their god. Sold their soul and now bankroll Satan’s plans.
    3. Obama types – Puppets doing the bidding of the master.
    4. MSM types – The workers who implement and support the plans given to them by the puppets.
    5. Sheeple – Useful idiots who lap up everything given to them by the workers.

    As you go down the levels, they know less of the overall plan and motivations. The plans become more ambiguous yet they follow them with unwavering devotion because they are richly rewarded. Some are rewarded with power and money, while as you reach 4 and 5, the reward becomes more psychological – belonging, validation and a false sense of power and unmerited and fleeting financial gain.

    Also, as you get down past 1 and 2 (the true believers), the decision to follow a false god becomes less clear. They may be aware what the true goal is, but most only know it in the secret corners of their souls that may never be examined, for fear of seeing the truth. Here is where God allows this delusion to remain.

    They all made a decision at some time to reject God. He promised that he would not make the decision for them, therefore, since they rejected him and the Truth, he allows them to live in delusion. That is where up is down and left is right. They believe it because they have no standard of right and wrong.

  10. I have been involved in a few operations against Scumbag cocksucker Dicknose Anthony Weiner and Skelliot Spitzer that hounded, mocked, and ridiculed them. I almost had Dicknose take a punch at me and had him flipping out. I believe the constant mocking of Dicknose helped him implode and put him in the category of complete asshole psycho sex predator when he ran for mayor.

    I also had scumbag Gary Ackerman tell his driver to stop his car and let him out so he could call me an asshole as i laughed in his face during one glorious hounding. And Shmuck Shumer was shouted down and whistled and pots and pans banged into cutting a news conference after about 3 minutes in a mall parking lot while endorsing a rat. He was furious that we sandbagged him.

    I was only able to do this because i worked with a disgruntled democrat whack job that got deeply screwed by the rats and he turned into a revenge seeking troublemaker that could put bodies at a protest. He had some normal people as well as a lot of skells willing to show up for some strange reason.

    The point is it works. But unlike the filth on the left, we do not have one group of willing financers and organizers willing to engage in the most effective and destructive tactics of the left. I wish i could do it but i dont have the connections. But i know that it is effective to be a force multiplier and recruit even 2-3 people each. You beg yourfriends and family and a few do it. I wish we had ourSoros. They do what they do because it works. If conservatives started hounding Stephonopocockolous, and Todd, and Maddow, and Matthews and the rest of the pieces of shit, they would go beserk. They are way, way, too comfortable in their insulated protected lives.

    They need to feel the uncertainty, fear, and anxiety that they create in innocent citizens through their coordinated propaganda by being hounded day and night. It can be done. We just have too many phony blowhards on our side.

  11. .. make this traitor an offer he can’t refuse. he needs to understand. trump is last chance gas folks.
    hillary wins & there is no comming back. it’s over. it’s europe
    with millions of guns. internecine warfare for scores of years. economy dominated by china .. we become the balkans. check a movie called “saviour” to see what awaits us complements these do-gooders .. we will be no more.

  12. Brilliant. Accurate. Disturbing.

    I also am begining to actually believe that some of them believe they can live forever. I have been seeing a lot lately of the stories about the pill that will keep you alive to 150. Drudge had a headline not long ago that said scientists claim the first human that will live to be 1000 years old has already been born. We are seeing and hearing constantly about artificial intelligence and humanoids and robots with a “consience”. The blending of human beings and “smart parts” that could extend life indefinately.

    So I wonder…. Imagine odinga and bush, clintons, ryan, boner, mconnell, reid, and the rest of the filthy destructive treasonous scumbags. Imagine them being selectively brought into a secure room in DC at the White House, CIA, Pentagon, or the like and being told “We have discovered the technology and the ability to keep certain people alive indefinately. Look at this… watch this… listen to this…. You can be part of this, one of the chosen few, but you must cooperate. We can not let immortality be risked by the crazies and we must organize and control the entire world. Your loyalty to America is meaningless because it will not exist much longer anyway, nor will any individual country for that matter. So join us now and be part of it. Its an offer you cant refuse…”

    Tinfoil Hat theory ??? Yes…. maybe. No. Who knows… But is there any other explanation as to why certain world leaders are willingly, knowingly, and very rapidly desytoying their countries and identities in favor of a crazed cult of zombie like moslimes that are invading them and throwing them into chaos ?? Moslime filth are mainly robots. Cult followers. Easily controlled and conditioned. They have been programmed to be violent savages. Perhaps the thought is they will eventually be reprogrammed into docile, compliant, non violent labor slaves.

    Its as good an explanation as any other one i have heard. Including “we are doing it because its who we are !!!”.

  13. It always amazes me that the Obama puppet masters use the same verbiage that spills, robotically, from those they CONTROL. Even more amazing; THE LIB BRAIN DEAD, BLIND, AND DEAF, FALL FOR IT.

    So glad the Ryan conservative disguise has fallen. Seig Hiel Ryan, salutes, as he has sold his soul to the left. Now Bush needs to drop his conservative cammo disguise. It just isn’t working.

    Lemmings following Obama straight to hell.

  14. Demonrats – Bolsheviks
    Republicrats – Mensheviks

    Two wings of the same Party.

    Americans must fend for themselves while being raped and pillaged by the political “aristocracy.”

    We, the People of the United States, must retake our sovereignty, if we want to survive – as a nation, as a people, as a beacon of Freedom and Liberty on Earth, and as an ideal.

  15. “SAVIOR” directed by a serb , produced by
    oliver stone . dennis quaid . not good to watch with young children. caution !!
    sorry about my spellin’

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