Paul Ryan: Trump will be an ‘asset’ in midterms

AT: There’s a lot of internal debate happening in various GOP campaigns for federal office regarding the man who won’t be on the ballot in November, but who will definitely be on voter’s minds.

Should candidates run with or run away from Trump? For many candidates, it’s a no brainer. They have embraced Trump during their primary campaigns and would welcome an endorsement or a campaign appearance from the president.

But for many incumbents – especially those running in states or congressional districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016 – the question is more complicated. They can’t really disavow the president or their natural base of Republican voters will rebel. But if they appear to be too close to Trump, many independents who oppose the president will be less inclined to vote for them.

Speaker Paul Ryan says that Trump will be an “asset.”

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  1. ho told Ryan that supporting DJT’s platform would be an asset during the midterms. He sure didn’t figure that out by himself.

  2. Here’s a tip to Republican candidates: take on the issues important to Americans. That’s what Trump did, and while you don’t have to imitate Trump’s style, you do need to take a stand on the issues.

    Here’s something to make that easier: Democrats aren’t doing this. More taxes, more regulation, a weak foreign policy and a resulting slumping economy are not really good positions to take. Ask people if they want Nancy Pelosi and a fake Indian running their lives. Democrats don’t want to bring up their record or their past; they’re racist, they’re egomaniacs, they don’t solve problems, and they get rich while in office. Attack them on solid issues, and you’ll be o.k.

  3. There’s a rumor going around that Ryan will leave by Memorial Day. Something to do with the sex slush fund.

    Fingers crossed.

  4. “Trump will be an asset in the mid-terms, but we still won’t do anything to help him, because we’re a bunch of worthless fucking assholes.”

    – Half the GOP including Ryan

  5. Any candidate running for a representative office needs only to meet and listen to enough constituents so that the platform and talking points are clear. Trump demonstrated that.

    All others should just stay home.

  6. Ryan didn’t want that job anyway. The RNC begged him to fill it. Now he wants to retire and be with is family. I can’t blame him for that. TRUMP is solid now and the Republicans have people to fill the position. Leaving early gives them time to structure the midterms in their favor.

  7. Ryan who? Didn’t he leave already?

    RINO and uniparty boss Lyan Ryan should have had the decency to step down from the Speakership when he announced his retirement. He is the lamest of lame ducks.

    When you have some Demonrats like Lamb running on Trump’s agenda in PA and winning, you’d think the RINOs might figure this shit out. If they don’t, then good riddance.

    House Republicans need to vote Newt Gingrich in as Speaker of the House again. He was the House’s last effective Speaker. They would if many Republicans hadn’t already sold their souls to the swamp’s uniparty.

  8. Page O Turner
    MAY 14, 2018 AT 9:24 AM
    There’s a rumor going around that Ryan will leave by Memorial Day. Something to do with the sex slush fund.

    Ooh ooh ooh, is that like absconding with the petty cash cigar box? I hope so, it’ll make a long hot summer more bearable.

  9. Trump has been an asset from his swearing in. You on the other hand have never been an asset unless you consider the help you provided to the dims and wetbacks.


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