Paul Ryan’s Long (and Annoying) Good-Bye

American Greatness: It’s been obvious for two years that retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has no intention of helping Republicans keep their congressional majority, since that would also mean helping President Donald Trump. Not something he’s ever been eager to do.

Now Ryan seems to be saying it wouldn’t bother him if Republicans lose in November, as long as they do it for what he calls “the right reasons.”

That’s the basic message in a pre-midterm video Ryan recently emailed to his congressional colleagues. During the 57-second communiqué he offers his parting thoughts on sacrificing career ambitions for an unspecified greater good.

“We have people who are here [in Congress],” Ryan says, “who want to do the right thing for the right reasons, who believe in principles and getting things done and they’re willing to lose their seat over it.”

Left unmentioned is what “the right thing” might be, or why anyone in the GOP majority should have to lose his or her seat for doing it.If November 6 is D-Day, Ryan sounds like he’s preparing his troops for defeat. Fortunately, most stopped paying attention to him a long time ago.  MORE HERE

12 Comments on Paul Ryan’s Long (and Annoying) Good-Bye

  1. Is he competing with McCain for “the most hated man in congress who wrote his own obit that dragged the country through an insufferable week long pukefest”?

    Good lord these idjits think highly of themselves. Just leave already Paul, and take that K Street job that’s paid so well and shove it.

  2. “The Greater Good” is a communist buzz phrase that no conservative uses. Republicans will because they are not Conservative. Stealth Democrats all of them. If a so called Republican or Conservative utters that phrase anywhere, anytime, write them off. They are 100% LEFTIST.

  3. i can’t wait til this dick is gone. unfortunately, he’ll become an instant tv pundit when he leaves congress. good thing i don’t watch tv…

  4. Fortunately he never became Mitt Romney’s Vice President. We’d be in worse shape as a country if those two managed to unseat the destroyer in Chief. Hard as that is to believe. We needed obama to take us to rock bottom, I guess, before the transformation could begin.

  5. This little traitorous shit ball punk needs to be bundled up into an army transport plane and parachuted over the worst ISIS controlled area and let them give him the real punishment he deserves. Of course he will now go on to reap millions as a lobbyist in DC. There is no justice left in this country.

  6. For 25 years Paul has been an Obama/Bush UNIPARTY man. Of course he wants to hurt Don. so do Bush +Obama Unfortunately the liberal from Cal that the UNIPARTY is pushing is likely to be the new John/Paul UIPARTY S;peaker.

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