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Paul Stanley’s Soul Station

Honestly, it’s not bad.

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  1. You know, I listened to a few of the songs…and not only are they not bad, they are great! Thanks for letting me know this. Folks, give it a shot.

  2. My 2 cents:
    1/ The plastic face is mortifying, I can’t take my eyes off the grotesque façade. This spoils the enjoyment (if there is any) of the music.
    2/ The back up singers are carrying a very heavy load here. And while both the covers are true to the originals in tempo and arrangement these versions add nothing of value to either one.

    Sounds like elevator musak to me.

  3. 3 of my roommates were in a KISS cover band. Reached decent notoriety. Toured upper midwest and canuckistan in the 80’s. I roadied some with them. Exciting times, I can tell you….

    Seeing this dude sans face paint. Argggh.

    But him doing covers like this?


  4. yes, I remember the KISS reunion tour well …

    “You give us everything you’ve got
    You keep on paying and our flashes get hot
    You bring the bread, we’ll make the gravy

    You keep on shouting, our ears keep on ringing

    I wanna rock and roll all night, but I can’t stay up late
    I wanna rock and roll all night, but I’m old & grey
    I wanna rock and roll all night, but my Metamucil delivery is late
    I wanna rock and roll all night, but the bladder bag has too much weight”

    …. repeat ad nauseum

  5. i learned something new tonight. How to spell Edie Gormet correctly.

    As if i’ll ever need to know that.

  6. So I saw KISS live in Chicago two weeks ago.
    I saw the Rolling Stones live in Nashville three weeks ago.
    Both bands are extremely OLD to still be rocking out
    The Stones were absolutely AWESOME.
    – Unbelievably so
    KISS was actually pretty mediocre.
    – I can see why the critics panned them all the time
    – I’m glad I saw the show. It was entertaining and memorable
    – The makeup did not really hide the botched surgery or old age or whatever

  7. I’ve always liked ‘review’ style bands with a brass section and a chorus; they even has some strings here. The arrangement is decent and the musicians are all competent.
    But yeah, the face. Has anybody seen Alice Cooper lately? Geeze.

  8. Why not?! I listen to all kind of stuff and it’s cool to see a classic covering another classic. It’s upbeat…bonus points for that to offset the sad state we are in. 🎶

  9. “i learned something new tonight. How to spell Edie Gormet correctly.”

    But did you really? It’s Eydie Gorme

  10. Oh, come on guys. Given all the crap called music today, it’s fun to hear a classic pop song by a cover band. So the guy’s had too many face lifts…and? He has a great voice.
    Cover bands usually don’t have the appeal of the original artists. Still, appreciating the old tunes this way is honorable if done right.

    On a personal note that may make me a little bias, I loved, “Ooh Child” so much when I was a teen, my sister hid the 45 – she hated the song; .

    It took me a couple of years to find it. Can’t really blame her. I’d play it sometimes just to annoy her! LOL!

  11. Stanley was always a bit odd looking without makeup.
    He’s not a bad singer but he needs to stop the rock n roll type jumping around.
    Mr. Beachmom pointed me to this …..

    He talks about the music business and says we’ll be seeing more of this type of thing.

  12. Think I’ll go hang out at the record store down the street cause I know damn sure that won’t be playing there, ever.

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