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Paula Jones still ignored

Don Surber: Peggy Noonan today gave the Washington Establishment version of the Clinton impeachment. Her employer, the Wall Street Journal, summed it up: “It was a tragedy for Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and America. He could have averted it by apologizing.”

Oh I agree. Had Clinton apologized to the victim of his sexual harassment, we would never have known about it. But he refused. Still does. No one has.

In a 1,300-word essay on this historic event, Noonan does not even name Clinton’s victim because it is not Lewinsky.

It is Paula Jones.

Two decades after James Carville branded her trailer trash and the media followed (Jay Leno, how could you?) hers is now the name none dare speak.

Noonan wrote, “I see it all now more as a tragedy than a scandal. I am more convinced than ever that Mr. Clinton made the epic political miscalculation of the 20th century’s latter half. He had two choices when news of the affair was uncovered: tell the truth and pay the price, or lie and hope to get away with it.”  MORE HERE

5 Comments on Paula Jones still ignored

  1. The clintons are tumors, but they are the tip of the iceberg. Our government is totally corrupt, and the are just too many useful idiots in hollywood and the media to clean it the ways it should be.

    This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Get ready, and don’t waiver

  2. I really don’t give a crap what Peggy Noonan has to say on any subject. If it were someone else offering an opinion I might read it. I had a belly full of her quite some time ago.

  3. Pompous bitch carries herself like she’s a cut above. Probably writes for the paper just to get the free doughnuts and coffee in the reception area.

  4. If only NIH would research how Peggy Noonan talks out of the 2 sides of her mouth being separated by a torso. That is an epidemic to fund.

  5. She’s just a female version of George Will


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