Pay gap or not, every WaPo reporter is overpaid

Patriot Retort: The other day, WaPo reporter Michelle Ye Hee Lee tweeted out a study on the pay gap that exists at the Washington Post.

Replying to @myhlee and 2 others

Median salaries at @washingtonpost:

White men: $117,452
Men of color: $101,575
White women: $99,640
Women of color: $86,511

I’m guessing we were supposed to feel outrage and anger over this pay gap between white males and everybody else who isn’t a white male.

But really, the only reaction I had when I saw this tweet was “Are you friggin’ kidding me?! Good grief, these guys are all overpaid!”

Do you think the nitwit who dreamed up the “Austere Religious Scholar” headline about al-Baghdadi deserves even the lowest median salary of $86,511.00 a year?
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  1. Well now, you didn’t really think they are there because they actually believe the shit they pound out did you??

    Put a nuther way, how many would stay there if the salary were reduced to 60K for everybody?

  2. In the not-to-distant future, all salaries at WaPo will be zero. This should give those libs something to smile about as they cart their belongings out of the building to their cars during an otherwise dismal day. Pay equality – yay.

  3. These so-called studies are meaningless, unless they also include statistics such as experience, education, and years with the company. Having said that, it’s nice to see the WaPoo get a taste of its own medicine.

  4. Bezo’s should die with that fascist-enabling paper of his. May that home wrecker he’s shackled up with give him syphillus.

  5. I think we should have their names and addresses … so we can check on the veracity of the study … y’know … an all that shit …

    Steven King’s done pretty well with fiction.
    I guess these klowns, should, too.

    It’s only fair!

    Course, if it wasn’t for the WaPo, they’d all … ALL … be hanging out at the dumpster behind some 7/11 suckin off the winos for a slug of muscatel.
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Truthfully, the top average salary is about the media for what US gobmint nomenclaturchiks makes in the DC area… not enough to get one in ‘all the best places’, if you know what I mean?

    … must surely grate their little egos ….. good!

  7. A couple of things based solely on the numbers shown.
    Have any of the women ever had career breaks for family and/or children? Have any of them turned down an overseas Plum assignment because of family and when was the average entry date for the women and did they have prior hard news experience.

    As for the men, when did colored men actually begin to enter the newsroom as reporters and what was their prior experience.

    It takes time and hard work to get up the pay grade ladder in any job. If you take time off for whatever reason the best an employer should do is freeze you at your position and ensure a job at the same grade when you come back. If you enter a rookie expect to spend a lot of time on the lower rungs.

  8. @scr_north November 9, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    > Have any of the women ever had career breaks …

    Quit huffin’ the communalists’ exhaust pipe.

    So what if they didn’t? They all deserve to be paid exactly the same? Because they screech (this moment, subject to change without notice) that’s what’s fair!?

  9. @Lemme straighten….

    “Quit huffin’ the communalists’ exhaust pipe.”? And how exactly am I doing that? I listed reasoning that anyone could follow to explain most of any gender pay differences in the newspaper business. I’d bet money that at the Post they’re damn careful about even the suggestion of unequal standards. That’s not because the Post is a good company just that they’re scared of their readers coming after them.

  10. @scr_north November 10, 2019 at 3:07 am

    > “Quit huffin’ the communalists’ exhaust pipe.”? And how exactly am I doing that? I listed reasoning that anyone could follow to explain most of any gender pay differences

    You sir, are a fine Conservative! First, agreeing to the truthiness of the lies of those that call you enemy. And then, trying to construct a “smart” “argument” of why it’s “true”. Fine Conservative, indeed!

  11. Now, for half the readers (with apologies to the other half):

    There is a difference, in the numbers, between two people’s terms and conditions of employment. — So?
    The people whose terms and conditions of employment are different, are different. — Have to be. It’s baked in the definition. So what?
    There might be a reason for the difference. — So, exasperatingly, what?

    That’s not fair!
    Screeches every communalist. Ever.
    Because “life” is fair.
    “Life” must be fair.
    The Holy Mother State must make “life” fair.

    “From each according to their ability. To each according to…”
    That’s not fair!
    “From each according to their ability. To each the same. Regardless of what they do.”
    There. Better now? Oh communist socialist progressive socialist communist holder of “deep” “conservative” “principles” and twirler of bowties.

  12. And now, for the rest (don’t know what fraction you are):

    Never. Ever. Provide aid, nor comfort, to those that call you “enemy”.
    And, in that one, just this one, “special” case… never.

    It does not prove how smart you are. Ever.
    It may polish the medals they pinned on your chest. For Goodness™ to The Cause™.
    Because it is more Goodness™ to The Cause™. Always.

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