PayPal cuts off Alex Jones

PayPal did not cite specific examples of the offending content, and the company declined to comment beyond its statement when reached by The Washington Times.

24 Comments on PayPal cuts off Alex Jones

  1. I hope Trump’s investigation into this restriction of speech happens before Jones goes under, and he is destroyed.

    And, I hope all conservatives remember — and well — all the companies and platforms that were complicit. ….Lady in Red

  2. I think Alex Jones is crazier than a fruit bat… .. but his right to use public services, internet, etc should not be infringed

  3. Seconded.

    Let’s also remember to starve out all companies that support child murder, while we’re at it.

    Just to be, you know, consistent and believable in our outrages.

  4. It looks like PayPal is the one demonstrating hate and intolerance. PayPal exposed its Fascist inclinations many years ago.

    This is why I support IOTW through snail mail.

    That reminds me…

  5. I was setting up a weekly Iotwreport donation, using my Visa card , but when it said I had to go through Pay Pal, I backed out.

  6. I used PP once years ago before they got hacked. Never used it again. Never will. A lot of orgs are missing out on donations because they use it. I donate by check only.

  7. Based on the service provider reasoning we should cut power, telephone, water, gas, cable, and all other services to Alex Jones. Is this where we are headed?

    Is denial of services only bad if the government does it?

  8. Maybe he is a “fruit bat” and bat crap crazy but
    He was talking about the deep state 10 years
    ago when ALL the conservative sites were distancing
    themselves from him… and yes he is a showman and
    acts all wound up to make $$$.The Christian broadcast
    network still has his show on at night.4.840 MHZ on your shortwave radio dial.

  9. This is how totalitarianism will be imposed on our society, through the capricious denial of banking and financial services based on whatever the corporate ruling class deems as wrong-think.

  10. Grool…… I will concede the point that your entire ugly tribe of fascists is “classy” on the subject of citizen control and fascism concerning women who are not “enlightened” as are you. (Have you thought about beating ’em, a la Keith Ellison?)

    Hell, you don’t even read Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine! How could anyone fight a classy guy like that? Let me say: it is impossible.

    You are tooooooo cool for me. ….smile… …..Lady in Red

  11. Corporations sometimes get started by Conservatives and then eventually managed by Marxists – and their corporate policies ‘morph.’

  12. For a ‘crazy’ guy, Jones has sure been right a lot: about the biggest of issues.

    Remember: it was Jones who first gave the warning cry about the globalist conspiracy aimed at our country. Man, was he spot-on.

  13. @Lady in Red: Be careful – Grool’s got a burnin’ Lake of Eternal Far that he’ll consign you to if you get too much out of line. I got threatened with it once myself.


  14. @The Gunny September 23, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    > Is denial of services only bad if the government does it?

    Well shut my mouf! I didn’t know it was Mr. PayPal (Mrs. PayPal? Xir PayPal?), puttin all that money in xe’s pocketes. Xis actuial pocketes. The Eutopean spellin threw me off.

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