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PBS Tackles the Issue of Racism in a Vehicle Called HONKY

Does anyone say Honky anymore?

This is unintentionally hilarious. The tone is very much like the Norman Lear sitcoms of the 70s, where racism was examined through the lens of a rich, white, New York, Jewish progressive.

The acting is also very Good Times/Jeffersons-like.

This is pretty awful.

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  1. So as whites, if we can impress our reasonability on top of the onslaught of immigrants whatever that looks like, that influence will be felt upon them. Why?
    Because we exemplify how males and females get along with respect for each other.
    And, we’re fading out so pass the torch.

  2. It’s white guilt Jane. But perspectively, if whites can pass on our values to these wild animalistic cultures invading the US on the taxpayers’ dime,
    We might enjoy them to be upstanding citizens in the future: a character investment, as some of these animals will be hungry for the truth.

  3. I got called a racist today. The wife’s out of town so instead of cooking our usual week end breakfast I phoned in an order to go to a great little breakfast place that’s on the way to work. The place gets packed, and it was. You order cafeteria style so I’m waiting in line for about 15 minutes while little Johnie’s try to figure out what he wants to drink with his breakfast. Our family ate at this place when our kids where little and we always managed to figure out what we were ordering BEFORE we got to the register. A little pet peeve of mine. So finally the person in from of me makes it to the register. Just as she’s walking up to the register two Paki women step right in front of me in line. There’s probably 15 to 20 people in line at this point. I tell them “Oh hell no. Get your butt to the back of the line”. They just stand there looking at me. So I slide past them, now there behind me, but they have no plans of getting to the back of the line. So the lady that they’re are now in front of is pissed. Well finally the entire line realizes what’s going on and starts yelling at them. They left the restaurant but before they did the younger of the two called me a racist. Which I replied, not really bitch, I hate everyone. While this was going on their husbands, brothers or what ever were leaning against a wall near the door. They never moved until the women left. I don’t know why these people move here. They hate us.

  4. I don’t get it. Watched all 5 clips. Maybe I need to spend $160K and 6 years at Berkeley to be taught how to understand it.

    Either that, or I could spend more of my days fishing and not giving a rats ass about what lefty SJW’s think.

    Oh, and vote. Yeah, I’m still gonna vote.

  5. An effeminate male married to a moron with a rich dad.
    I didn’t realize Progressives were capable of this kind of self parody.

  6. They have less than zero in common with us. They move here for one purpose – to create ribats – outposts behind enemy lines in service of jihad.

    And yes – they most certainly hate us for our (admittedly declining) freedom.

  7. I was recently at the county library waiting to check out when the neighboring librarian was patiently and repeatedly explaining to the burqa-clad young woman with two young boys in tow that she had a small fine on her account and needed to pay it.

    This went on and on and on. I wish I could find out what happened, because apparently that young librarian didn’t know that muzzies don’t pay interest or fines.

  8. But the first 30 seconds was pure STUPID, whiny and although I love a beard like Levin’s, (but then I know he’s a real man) I HATE the metro unsexual dirty face looking beard. Plus, neither can act. 🙂

  9. Brad – this is why I despise the whole multi-culti BS we get from the left. These people have no intention of assimilating. I don’t know if they cut in line in their country, or they are just giving us a big FU (probably the latter, since the “men” just stood and watched). Good for you for speaking up, but I’d bet a lot of people wouldn’t.

  10. Hey Bad Boy….I moved to the mid-west…rural, very rural….I need to drive 35 miles to see a stop sign and 100+ miles to see somebody that probably hates America…this country has been dieing for 40 years and is starving to rebuild… the work force is full of farm boys/girls who can rebuild a combine uphill, in the dead of a thunderstorm, with a badger grinding on their shinbone….the meth problem , though here, seems to be regulated by the communities not putting up with it…the tax incentives could be spectaculer if some enterprising individual wanted to relocate here and had a business that was ready to go….JUCO’s and trade schools would fill your needs and blow you to give them an opportunity….I-70 and I-80 corridor is really pretty close for logistics….anyways…

  11. Good job, Brad. Their sense of supremacy needs to be swatted down at all times.
    Three of four years ago, I had to quickly consult my copy of Pamela Geller’s, “Stop the Islomonation of America,” since there was a small neighborhood church for sale. Looked to be 60-80 years old and I went apeshit looking to get someone to put a cloud on the title to “always keep it a church” or rebuild to fit the neighborhood of single family detached residences…
    This little town is halfway between a college town with a rabat (see below, i.e. an established beachhead) and another town with a community college with a “large immigrant population.” That’s how their reign of terror and takeover works – Destroy an existing church, demand they get to “practice their religion” – destroy a neighborhood by destroying property values – destroy the neighborhood sanity with that repulsive “call to bray” – destroy the city by increasing the infestation into the now cheap available housing – (cutting to the chase) – FURTHER destroy the city by overtaking the city council…
    more fucking hood rats, all em.

  12. EDIT : “practice their religion” – destroy a neighborhood
    “practice their religion” – demand that they can build a mosk for 2000-3000 people, complete with sniper towers — destroy a neighborhood …

  13. I’m sorry, I can’t take any white guy under seventy seriously when they wear black socks and sneakers with shorts. Just because black guys do it and Nike says its super cool doesn’t mean you have to, guys.

    And dude,.get your nasty shoes off the bed pillows when you flounce on the daybed. My wife saw that and she forgot all about your whiny rant.

  14. Callie’ I know the know the women behind me would have said something. She was heated to say the least. I see more women fighting this stuff then men. A little concerning.

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