PC Gone Wild: Reporter Fired For Making a “Racial Joke” About His Company’s LACK of Diversity

A white reporter who has long championed for black causes, and fought racism in Michigan, has been terminated for making a sarcastic quip at a reporter’s conference.


A longtime reporter for WDIV Detroit has taken to Facebook to address his termination from the station following a racial comment he made in regards to a fellow reporter. According to Kevin Dietz, he had attempted to use humor to address the “challenges it’s been for our company, and many companies, to achieve diversity goals,” and that his colleague, an African-American, was not offended.

While posing for a photo with the WDIV team, Dietz had said to the group, “We are probably going to have to crop the black reporter out of the photo.”

Dietz, who has spent the past 26 years with WDIV-TV, an NBC-affiliated station licensed to Detroit, Michigan, said he had made the comment during a social event during the Investigative Reporters & Editors conference earlier this year in Houston.

He wrote on Facebook on Monday that he had tried to use humor to draw attention to the lack of diversity, and that the African-American reporter even went to human resources to defend Dietz.

“He expressed that we are friends, conveyed to them all the help I have given him throughout his career, and the long list of stories I have done on television fighting against racism in Michigan,” Dietz shared in his post.

“Nevertheless, the station has a zero tolerance policy on racially insensitive comments and they determined, despite the intent and context of my statement, that it violated the policy,” Dietz wrote. “I understand and support the need for such policies.”


The company understands the context, understands the joke, but is so racist they don’t think black people will understand why the reporter wasn’t fired? Is that the gist?

Meanwhile, he’s just going to roll over and die, acting as if he fully deserves what has happened to him?

Good riddance.

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  1. At least he understands and supports the need for such policies; he’s got that going for him.

  2. Excellent.

    And… did you see that the Rapinoe soccer bitch has been benched. (I guess now she can work toward getting a big spokes job with Nike.)

  3. Hoisted by his own retard.

    I’m sure his guilt helps him appreciate the coarseness of the rope he hung himself.

  4. He thought he was safe among his fellow white chickens
    until he foolishly put a black spot on his feathers.
    Then, as chickens will always do when one of the flock
    is so marked; they pecked him to death.

  5. COTTON is the symbol of COTTON PICKIN’ slavery.
    No SJW can ever use cotton anywhere.

  6. “A white reporter who has long championed for black causes, and fought racism in Michigan…”

    Sounds like the “white reporter” is a SJW who has been doing this to OTHER people for a long time. This is simply kismet.

  7. Funny how the ‘Progressives’ want the immigrants to do their maid work, yard work, fast food, hotel work, etc. They want to profit while these people are stuck in minimum wage for life. What exactly is a Liberal/Progressive? They are the same people who illicitly adopt a child of color…, for some purpose… and have live in maids/babysitters (slaves) and don’t pay social security or health care. They are Elite Satanists. Sacrifice is their Game!


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