Peaceful Antifa Compilation

See It HERE.

FIVE DAYS until we decide our nation’s fate. Before they vote, EVERY American should see this collection of unprovoked leftist attacks that have been either defended or all but ignored by the MSM from Conservative

Go HERE to see.

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  1. Apparently, this all occurred in gun-free zones. If ANTIFA ever assaults me like that, they will pay the price.

  2. Q: What the difference between ANTIFA and the KKK?

    A: The KKK has better costumes. Other than that, not much.

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t it a little hard to see their faces when they’re covered with sheets? Oops, I meant masks.

  4. Remember the pot smoking, acid dropping,long haired hippies of the 60s that were so hated by many? They protested in large numbers too but by and large weren’t violent like these ANTIFA goons.
    Bring back the ‘hippies’

  5. They are bold as hell when they have the political leaders in their community covering for them. Mayors and police officials lending tacit approval. It probably goes right up to the governors office.
    These scum owe their lives to the fact that conservatives aren’t inclined to organize and strike back, but that just might change.

  6. Banjo bill the difference between the hippies of the 60’s and Antifa is that the hippies were naïve for the most part and too stoned out to really cause damage except for the real leaders of the whole movement like SDS, the Weather Underground i.e. Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn etc., and all the radical New Left assholes like Tom Hayden (one of Jane Fonda’s many husbands) who used the hippies beginning in 1968 to foment revolution. The hippies heart really wasn’t in it but their masters, the upper middle class cruds at the heart of the whole anti establishment movement were and are now the forefathers of the whole Antifa movement. And just like 1968 the American people are fed up with these Antifa shitheads and want nothing to do with them and President Trump and the Deplorables are about ready to kick their ass on Tuesday. Of course they won’t stop fighting when they lose but we outnumber them and we will fight back against them when push comes to shove.


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