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2 Conservative Cowgirl
3 Dee
4 The Rat Fink
6 sTevo
7 Stanley
9 Sturge
10 Chris (award winning photo!)
11 Reiuxcat
12 John (Tillie)

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Critters with party hats
Babies critter(s) with their Mom and/or Dad
Critters and military or patriotic


14 Comments on Peek-A-Boo!

  1. mrhanoverfist–I had a dog named “Bacardi”!

    Love your critters, as usual, Claudia. Rainy here this morning so this provided some sun!

  2. #9 was Max and he would have been about 17 in that photo. He made it to 20. Someone had left him on my doorstep, rang the bell and ran. He was no bigger than a tennis ball and could barely keep his nose above the snow. I was certain that when I went to work the next day, Casey, my heeler, would tear him to bits. Instead, they became inseparable.

  3. That’s a funny horse.
    It’s great when we can find some brain power in our furry friends that allow us to relate at the same level.

  4. Love them all. The black cat i the box is my favorite because it reminds me of my Rascal (RIP). Thanks all for sharing your pictures.


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