Peer pressure – Joe Manchin’s seat didn’t get crazy glued… BUTT

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin wanted to stand for one of the President’s points but…

the surrounding crazy glued Democrat Senators and Congress peer pressured him into thinking twice.


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23 Comments on Peer pressure – Joe Manchin’s seat didn’t get crazy glued… BUTT

  1. FFS man, change your goddamn party. Your state is the most pro-Trump state in the Union, and the fucking democratic party hates virtually everyone in West Virginia except illegal aliens and black felons in prison.

  2. Sorry Joe, but you can’t be standing for more jobs, lower unemployment, increased wealth, lower taxes, less regulation, respect for the flag, respect for the military, or letting the people decide their futures. The donkey party just ain’t having none of that.

  3. Actually, I saw him stand several times. He was alone, but he stood and applauded. That took courage.

    He needs to change sides. I’d welcome him.

  4. I bet you anything that there were several D’s in that bunch who were thinking about changing parties after that despicable show of immaturity by their party. Too bad for them.

  5. Nice. Now he won’t get re-elected. He showed a glimmer of GOP hope to the democrats and they’ll shun him.

    All we have to do now is elect a conservative to replace him.

  6. Screw this guy. Why don’t the people of WV get a senator who’s not liberal idiot? What part of the democrat platform does Manchin like so much that he chooses to be a dem?

  7. Joe has struggled during his time as a Senator. He is so pro-coal his buds can’t stand it, however just the fact that he’s not his own person is enough for me to label him a democrat.

    He has only threatened to change sides.

  8. BB — I don’t know if they can. When the most vocal subset look like the Uganda delegation to the Olympics and the women look like Sister Mother-in-Laws of Orange County, it may be impossible. LOL!

  9. Can’t really expect any courage from a Bolshevik.
    I’m pretty sure a bunch of Mensheviks (RINOs) were gritting their teeth while clapping like seals and jumping up.
    It’s a show. Everyone has to play his part.

    President Trump really seems to believe that the Bolsheviks (D) want “what’s best for America” but are misinformed and recalcitrant. That’s simply not the case. We have a hundred years of duplicity and treason to judge their efforts (keeping in mind that the Bolsheviks of today aren’t the same Bolsheviks of yesterday, but that the ideology is the same).
    They would gladly kill him if they believed they could get away with it without any lingering stench or ramifications. And they would gladly kill us under the same circumstances.

    izlamo delenda est …

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