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Then the parody-

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  1. He probably didn’t even buy the thing. Drive thru any neighborhood and every other house has one sitting curbside waiting for the trash haulers to pick it up.
    Ask me how I know this!

  2. gin blossom DECEMBER 3, 2019 AT 6:56 AM
    “Ask me how I know this!”

    …well, how DO you know this?
    (Don’t answer if it will result in a divorce proceeding)

  3. …did you get her some cookware and lingerie that you like as well? Might as well go for the trifecta, since you’ll be sleeing in the car for awhile anyway…

    …with the cookware, write on the card, “now maybe you can cook as good as Mom did, love you hon!” for extra points.

    …and, when questioned about the lingerie, make sure you say “it looked good on your sister” for the win…

  4. Well, stationary bikes are for people like me, who have had hip replacements. I can no longer run, but the doctor says I need to ride the bike, so that’s what I do. Although, no, I did not buy a Peloton. Nothing expensive like that.

  5. It would have been worked if the wife had started out in a fat-suit. And why are we seeing her face so much? This is not a commercial for makeup.

  6. I have a hunch there will be a follow-up backstory commercial to correct any misconceptions. Like that commercial with the chick in a diaper on a motorcycle. They retconned the hell out of that one.

  7. I assume that in the original she had asked for the bike.
    My friends who express interest are more interested in the view from the house – they want the house to go with it!
    Mountain biking is soooo much more enjoyable, and includes upper body workout. I tried spinning and just don’t care for it. But it is a suitable alternative when it’s snowing outside.

  8. I got my Dad a stationary bike after his knee replacements.
    He seemed to appreciate it (or pretended to).
    Knee replacement must suck.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The real ad is so annoying. She has a video diary of her using a stationary bike and acts like it was the most important thing in her life *teary eyed*.

    The parody is excellent.

  10. I’m not clowning the fact that stationary bikes exist and people use them, I’m clowning the commercial.
    it’s ridiculous for the reason I stated above.

  11. Wait. She’s married to a white male in the commercial. Isn’t there some unwritten marketing rule now that all marriages in commercials either have to be gay or bi-racial?

  12. I also shake my head when I see that ad. “Gee, I think I’ll surprise my wife with a gym membership and a subscription to Weight Watchers!”
    OK, it may be true, but for Godsake guys, don’t do it!

  13. …getting back to my “lingerie” suggestion above, it occurred to me it could make your evening MUCH more likely if you waited until the wife donned it, THEN say, “Huh, that looked MUCH better on your MOTHER”.

    …or let things progress and say it FELT better on her girlfriend, for a SUPER lively finish to your holiday, and maybe your last day on Earth…

  14. I don’t understand this infatuation with taking pictures or videos of everything. I have a young friend who would take a hundred (literally) pictures when she would go to a concert— 3/4 of them out of focus due to slow shutter speed — and post every one on FB.

    When we went to Israel we probably posted over a hundred pictures, but they were clear, thought out pictures that actually showed something of significance .

  15. has anyone looked at this broad’s Twitter feed? Not sure but I think she’s a Green New Dealer and she is pro-abortion. wtf?

  16. For an extra $125, you can get the Vibrating Seat option which has a silicone “thingy” to buzz on that hard-to-find nubby which your selfish husband always ignores.

    Ooooh, yeahhh.

  17. “What! An exercise machine? Do you think I’m FAT???”
    The only worse gift a man could give his wife is a VACUUM CLEANER!
    Dead. Man. Walking.

  18. Ann Thracts DECEMBER 3, 2019 AT 2:30 PM
    “For an extra $125, you can get the Vibrating Seat option which has a silicone “thingy” to buzz on that hard-to-find nubby which your selfish husband always ignores.

    Ooooh, yeahhh.”

    …or, you can do this (at 21:40)…


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