Pelosi ❤️ Bush

Is Nancy Pelosi demented? Or does she have the hots for George W. Bush? It seems she can’t stop talking about him. 


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  1. She is exhibiting all the signs of early onset Alzheimer’s. I can’t see why you guys haven’t picked up on this after all the speculation on Hillary’s health issues. Same with Maxine. It also could be early stages of dementia with both as well, but with Nancy, I am going with Alzheimer’s

  2. @christianPDX
    Right you are….
    There is an “arrested development” thing that happens to them. I’ve seen it more than a couple times. Like ground hog day from the time it hits.

  3. The demorats say Trump is mentally unfit every single day in their appearances.

    Not one repubicon ever mentions this old whore is a drunken lunatic.

    It should be the first words out of their mouth in every single instance they speak in front of a camera. This old whore must be “CNN”d until she has a massive stroke on live tv.

  4. Korsakoff Syndrome. A chronic disorder caused by long term alcohol abuse.

    Symptoms per “KS causes problems learning new information, inability to remember recent
    events and long-term memory gaps. Memory problems may be strikingly severe while other thinking
    and social skills are relatively unaffected. For example, individuals may seem able to carry on a
    coherent conversation but moments later be unable to recall that the conversation took place or to
    whom they spoke. Those with KS may ‘confabulate’, or make up, information they can’t remember.”

    What could be the downside of a taxpayer funded annual liquor bills for air travel in excess of $100,000
    per for Nancy and her family? Who knew?

  5. It turns out that Nancy has always been kind of stupid and pathetic, but she was born with one glorious advantage….she had a very nice breast between her shoulder blades. As one former senior Senator stated it….”She wasn’t much to look at or talk to, but she was always fun to dance with”….

  6. ChristianPDX- Yeah we’ve been talking about this for a while (Alzheimers) and are wondering when the left is going to pull her plug and cut off that mic. lol

  7. As long as she can stagger into the House chamber and pull the lever she is told to they will keep her propped up.

  8. I heard it from a hunter that she had a very short rutting season and gets very confused at times. I feel some pity, not a lot, for the husband.

  9. I’m going door to door in her next campaign, to encourage people to vote for her.
    I’d love to see her stay on as long as she can. She’s a disaster.

  10. I have the perfect analogy.
    Pelosi has been AUTOMATICALLY saying “BUSH BAD” for YEARS. It’s a REFLEX rather than a thought out statement.
    It’s like writing checks for a whole year and after the New Year you automatically write the previous year.
    She’s an automaton.

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