Pelosi Blames Media For Being “Totally Obsessed” With Impeaching Trump

Godfather Politics: Pelosi blamed the MSM for their obsession with impeachment and said that she didn’t believe that an impeachment inquiry would provide Democrats with any new information.

“The press is just totally obsessed with the impeachment part of it. Not obsessed enough to write the particulars of what we’re doing in our committees and how important that is. But just to say, ‘When are you going to do that?’” Pelosi said. “If the facts take us there, that’s where we have to go. It has nothing to do with politics.”

“I’m not sure that we get any more information by instituting an impeachment inquiry. But if we thought that we would, that’s a judgment that we’d have to make,” Pelosi added.  more here

18 Comments on Pelosi Blames Media For Being “Totally Obsessed” With Impeaching Trump

  1. “Pelosi Blames Media For Being “Totally Obsessed” With Impeaching Trump”

    …well, Mrs. Senility 2019 is right about THAT, at least, but the media are what the Democrats MADE them…

  2. Supernightshade, plus the liberal indoctrination thru the education system helps the libs frame narrative they want followed.

  3. To everyone talking impeachment: Why do you not say specifically what the reason for it would be?

    (Not that any of them would ever actually be asked that question, or answer it if they were.)

  4. She’s been showing several signs that the stress is effecting both physically and mentally.
    Stuttering and stammering and rapid blinking.
    I think the old sow is going to stroke out.

  5. This denture sucking has been is the freaking speaker of house! To what depths have we sunk as a nation?

  6. Will the propaganda arm of the D party (the MSM) go along with the Ds new talking point, “It’s the MSMs fault for everyone ‘thinking’ that we were calling for impeachment”?

    The MSM is faced with appearing to be the bad guys, “We pushed the impeachment talking point because the Ds were pushing – opps, no they weren’t; we made a mistake!”

    Will the MSM lower themselves to take the ‘blame’ and look like fools?

  7. I never saw a person change their mind so much about impeachment. We are talking about impeachment here, not deciding what color shoes to wear with your new dress.

  8. When in trouble, always point the finger of blame at the other guy!
    Whut she fails to understand is that there are three fingers pointing back at her!!
    Is it just me or is this beginning to look like an amateur Good Cop, Bad Cop routine with the D-Rats and the Bought & Paid for Knee-Pad Media trying to play the American people for fools?

  9. Anonymous MAY 24, 2019 AT 8:18 AM
    “To everyone talking impeachment: Why do you not say specifically what the reason for it would be?”

    ..good luck with THAT, we still can’t even get them to name the actual CRIME the Mueller “investigation” was based on, and it also doesn’t look like they’re going to give us a valid legislative purpose for the 47,564 House investigations into the President, EITHER…

  10. Trump wrecked her when he canceled her Congressional junket during the shutdown showdown. She and all her fellow travelers who rode buses around D.C. for hours have never gotten over that, and it is making them say and do stupid things. And the only things left from the Blue Wave are three bobbing turds, of whom the media can’t get enough. I bet she secretly wishes the GOP was still in control.

  11. I just listened to a clip from Mark Levin’s show last night. And in one soundbite of Nancy she said, “We can walk and chew dung … gum … at the same time.”

    ‘Bout sums it up.

  12. She wants to impeach but only when the time is right -such as just before the 2020 election. I believe the Dems want to use impeachment proceedings as a continuously running negative campaign ad against Trump. If they shoot too soon, they will lose the momentum of the carefully timed “gotcha!” meant to startle the public and depress Trump voters.

  13. The media did this? What about the endless roll call of Dems calling for immediate impeachment?

  14. Her out of control House of Reprehensibles along with
    her own blooming dementia fits have kept the impeachment
    carrot tied firmly to the muleheaded press’s snout.

  15. The dems are in disarray when not in complete control of power. They treat republicans as usurpers of what they believe is their rightful position and act accordingly.
    I hope they’re suffering.

  16. Lousy Puh-Lousy should listen to
    Samuel Langhorn Clemens’ advice
    ” Better to keep one’s mouth shut…….

    She doesn’t realize that she’s being
    upstaged by a freshman big mouth idiot
    she has no control of ?

    And she’s still Speaker ?!

    WHY ?!??!!?!

  17. They can’t cite a reason for impeachment because they don’t have one…yet. They think they can impeach him, and THEN subpoena EVERYTHING. Then, they are sure they will find that evidence they need.


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