Pelosi Calls Reporter “Mr. Republican Talking Points”

Sounds like she’s driving on Trump’s “low road.”

In this clip a reporter wants Pelosi to explain why the whistleblower is granted legal rights in a political forum while the president is not. Her answer is incoherent.

She then says Trump positively committed bribery, no question about it, which is an impeachable offense. In the same breath she says the dems haven’t decided if they will impeach or not. So she’s saying the dems would not impeach a president that definitely committed an impeachable offense?

Does she know Trump isn’t a democrat? Because that is the only way a dem wouldn’t impeach a criminal president.

Folks, the dems have nothing and they know it.

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  1. With all of her money and minions catering to her, can they not put her in a supporting bra?

    While trolling liberals yesterday I came across a post them bitching about Franklin Graham, so I read his post on FB.

    After reading the back and forth between the crazies and normal people in the comment section, something hit me that I’ve known for quite sometime, but it’s even worse than ever. Neither side is ever going to agree on anything because their side is now nothing more than wanting to be a dictatorship full of queers, drag queens, baby killers and atheists. We really need to just divide this country up, let them have their portion of the country and do what they do and let us have our portion and be done with them.

  2. She’s looking rather disheveled and acting scatterbrained as well as snappish. The stress is beginning to wear on her. Being very defensive is another clue.

  3. Let’s get an early start and begin impeachment proceedings agains’t every dem presidential candidate.
    We can boot whoever their leader is on day one. It’s not like they haven’t committed impeachable offenses of their own already.

  4. It’s not so much her reply than that the question was asked. Good to see James Rosen is still a fair journalist willing to inflict the comfortable and speak true to the “powerful” speaker.

  5. The Dems don’t need anything other than accusations.

    They will act on that alone.

    And they are counting on the majority of the country hating Trump so much that they will go along with it.

    They may be in for a surprise, or maybe not, we should know shortly.

  6. Rosen made the mistake of asking a thoughtful intelligent question. He should’ve held up picture cards.

    And no Nancy, being a member of a corrupt cabal tasked with writing laws full of loopholes that benefit you and your posse doesn’t make you a genious. It means you’re a greedy evil shyster who’s too lazy to earn a living the honest way.


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