Pelosi facing rebellion in the House, Democrats abandoning her on stimulus bill

Lifezette: Reading more like a controversy in the British House of Commons than in the U.S. House, the majority may be facing a backbench rebellion of swing members and top party leaders could be plotting against each other. No, it’s not the Tories, but the Democrats, as moderates and other frightened Democrats put pressure on the Speaker to break the logjam with the White House and pass a stimulus bill before members have to go home and face the voters. Voters like this


It’s time to stop playing games with the American people’s well being while you sit in a multimillion dollar home, eating gourmet gelato out of a $20,000 subzero freezer.People are hungry, they are being evicted, they need help. Stop being a selfish cow and sign the stimulus bill

“We’ve got to get something across the finish line now,” said Rep. Kendra Horn, an Oklahoma Democrat who represents a seat Trump won in 2016 . “This back-and-forth, us-versus-them, tit-for-tat, it doesn’t help my community, it doesn’t help people in my district who need it.” more

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  1. The real answer is reopening the country. Adding to the deficit by paying people to stay home isn’t the correct way forward.

  2. Here’s a bit about my personal situation. I am in an “essential business” that relies on people who can make more money at home on unemployment than going to work. I have been trying to hire someone since the beginning of May. One of those people just quit. I’m screwed if the stimulus is renewed. One of my managers called a staffing agency. They recently added a number of people who are looking for full-time work to their group of temporary employees and expect a whole bunch of them because unemployment around here expires at the end of September so these people now have an incentive to work. Let the people go back to work in restaurants and other places that are open.

  3. ChristinaFFrosi spelt “selfish crazy petty hypocrite obstructionist bitch” incorrectly.

    btw, What’s Nan hiding under the neck thingy she’s been wearing the last couple of months? I’m guessing maybe she got a tat with nasty message – maybe FU Trump – and she’s waiting for the right time to reveal it, the SOTU speech perhaps. Or maybe someone tried to garrote Nan a couple of months ago, failed, and she’s hiding the scar?

  4. The new breed of radical upstarts in the house view Nancy as the kitchen drinking crazy aunt that nobody really pays attention to anymore.

  5. Unfortunately Horn’s Republican competition is Stephanie Bice who beat out Terry Neese for the nomination in the primary. Bice is a Republican squish. Neese was a genuine Trumpster. As this article states, Horn’s “internal polling” (those are the only ones that count because someone is actually getting paid to produce them), states that Horn leads in that district over Bice. But Trump won that district by (I think) 25 points in ’16. So, we’ll see.

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