Pelosi Gets Even With Dems Who Opposed Her Nomination As Speaker

DC: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly keeping New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice, who rallied against Pelosi’s reappointment as speaker, off of the House Judiciary Committee.

As Politico notes, Rice is the latest victim in the Pelosi vendetta against her detractors. Rice gambled and lost when she decided to oppose Pelosi’s reappointment as speaker.

Pelosi reportedly worked hard behind the scenes, keeping Rice off her personally approved list of committee candidates and ensuring everyone knew.   MORE

11 Comments on Pelosi Gets Even With Dems Who Opposed Her Nomination As Speaker

  1. In other news AOC and mad max waters are on the financial committee. The morons are running the gov’t. America is toast.

  2. Nancy must have a lot of naked pictures of those involved or she’s threatening to send them hers….

  3. The OLD Beach Pillowsee is a rotten, tyrannical, PoS. She has no regard for anybody other than herself, and she’s too stupid to resign!
    Maybe Satan will call her home.

  4. Nancy Pelosi

    You aren’t a friend of mine

    I like to squirt you with a little salt and lime

    Did you kill the uprisings?

    Did you put down the right?

    Did you shake your big gavel?

    Did you win this fight?

  5. Keep making enemies amongst your own, Pelosi. You will get hit in the head one day soon with that big gavel you are so giddy about holding in your evil cold-hearted hand.

  6. Pelosi got a herd of cats on her hands while trying to play the chessmoves.
    Same old same old puerto textile weave LOOy LOOy pattern
    With 3 new clouds on short sight horizon radar
    She can’t play them any different
    4D ACK cittac ACK

  7. I am SO very pleased to think that Vengeance is The Lord’s; I cant say what he may do but I suspect Nan will be greatly saddened when she realizes her gavel will avail her nothing in the after life.

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