Pelosi: Impeachment Has Been Going on ‘Two and a Half Years, Actually’

Botox Queen finally admits it.

Breitbart: On Tuesday in Washington, D.C., at Politico’s Women Rule Summit, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) admitted the impeachment process of President Donald Trump has been going on for “two and a half” years.

When asked about criticisms of  “the speed” of the House Democrats impeachment, Pelosi replied, “Speed? It’s been going on 22 months—two and a half years, actually.” read more

12 Comments on Pelosi: Impeachment Has Been Going on ‘Two and a Half Years, Actually’

  1. Just for the sake of speculating, what do you think the result for our country of Trump actually being removed from office would be?

    Someone should ask the Democrat leadership that question, just so we’ll know exactly what they intend to accomplish with this impeachment thing.

  2. Simply put, this is The Resistance. It simply mutates from one lie and fabrication to another. This is the path they intend to stay on. Expect this to continue until they either win the White House or get driven, or more likely carried out, of office… they won’t leave easily even if un-elected!

  3. And in that time the Democrats have accomplished absolutely NOTHING. The President brought you and the Senate minority leader to his office to discuss policy and you immediately started yapping at him about impeaching him. So he kicked you out, as he damned well should have.

    You are an embarrassment to the entire nation. You personally, your entire party, and the motley collection of misfit toys you call a constituency. You have spent two and half years beclowning yourself to the nation, and now you’re mad because we aren’t taking you seriously? I don’t take The Three Stooges seriously either, but at least they have the saving grace of being entertaining to watch.

    Anyone with any political acumen whatsoever can figure out that you should be seen to cooperate with a popular President, because that’s how you keep your party near the seat of power. Tip O’Neill understood this; you aren’t fit to shine Tip’s shoes.

  4. So Press Trump is “undermining the election process” because he supposedly asked Ukraine president to look into the blatant corruption of Joe Biden and son (he didn’t, but that’s the charge)? Meanwhile, Nancy and all the dems refuse to support voter ID laws, refuse to remove dead people from the voter rolls, and actively support allowing illegal aliens to vote. And where is Nancy’s concern when more than 100% of the voters in a district cast their ballots?

  5. “Women Rule Summit”?

    GAG ME.

    How about… “Blacks Rule Summit”… “Muslims Rule Summit”… “Whites Rule Summit”…

  6. So they started before there was any evidence, which explains why they shtruggle to make up facts that need fit their initial premise.

  7. Wait’ll she finds out, that her special furnace in hell, has been under construction for two and a half DECADES! 😮 😮 😮


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