Pelosi May Cap State of the Union Address to 25 Attendees from Each Chamber – IOTW Report

Pelosi May Cap State of the Union Address to 25 Attendees from Each Chamber

The Hill

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told Republican leadership members that he had been informed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that they were instituting a 25-House member cap for the State of the Union address, Axios reported, citing two sources.

McCarthy said on Tuesday that he was informed of the 25-House member cap by Pelosi, which reportedly upset Republican leaders, including the House GOP leader himself, Axios reported. More

23 Comments on Pelosi May Cap State of the Union Address to 25 Attendees from Each Chamber

  1. McCarthy? RINOs only need apply.

    Guarantees thunderous applause fOrm BOTH sides of the aisle for every lie.

    …with the camera pulled in to make it look like the chamber is full, of course…

  2. And keep it to 25 minutes to keep the blunders, whispering, screaming and possible bathroom emergencies to a minimum.

  3. There will be less than 25 Americans watching the moron speak

  4. Guessing the entire GOP contingent on the Jan 6 panel will be there

  5. Can’t have the fake pResident speak to the entire traditional audience?

    Here’s an idea: rent out a Chuckie Cheese. You clowns won’t stand out as much.

  6. Did anyone told those Uniparty fuckers to apply that rule, when they fundraising ?. No, I don’t think so.

  7. It’s not the peoples house anymore.

  8. The broadcast will have a delay to enable on-the-spot editing; they need as few witnesses as possible. And don’t forget the applause track dubbed-in.

  9. Odds are it will be broadcast before 5pm Eastern. Can’t have the Pedo sundowning and shitting himself simultaneously…

  10. Don’t forget the anonymous female voice who will cut him off when he starts to ramble

  11. “My fellow Americans, the state of the Union is FUCKED. Laugh at that, you stupid bastards!”

  12. Will the wicked witch of the west shred Brandon’s speech and use it for confetti?
    Asking for a friend.

  13. 25 elected official, or members of the press?

  14. The left outers no longer count as people, just slugs occupying a space.

  15. I’m shocked that Pelosi wouldn’t use insurrection fear propaganda as a reason.

  16. *Biden has a fake Oval Office studio set on the White House grounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if PEElosi has *Biden give his SOTU address from a fake House of Reprehensibles

  17. Will granny nan be shredding copies of his speech in the background?

  18. Hopefully, one of them tears the address in half.

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