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Pelosi Says China is One of the Freest Countries – Cited Source Says Complete Opposite

Freedom HouseChina’s authoritarian regime has become increasingly repressive in recent years. The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to tighten control over all aspects of life and governance, including the state bureaucracy, the media, online speech, religious practice, universities, businesses, and civil society associations, and it has undermined an earlier series of modest rule-of-law reforms. The CCP leader and state president, Xi Jinping, has consolidated personal power to a degree not seen in China for decades. Human rights activists and lawyers continue to speak out, though at great personal cost.

I guess Pelosi feels they are free compared to what she is trying to do here in the U.S.

Drop dead, Pelosi. Ta-night. Please, Lord, make that happen.

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  1. That’s why they were climbing out of the window during Covid lock downs to go get groceries. That’s seems pretty free.

  2. Does anybody take this elitist drunk old smelly bitch seriously anymore? Her Demon Spawn accompanied her to Taiwan, and his investments are up 30% since they got back.
    We’re all little powerless peons to them. Until we ban together. It’s time.

  3. Do you think “they” pay the networks, to tell their lies.
    Or does the network pay them to tell the story?

  4. Get a load of the doofus interviewing Piglosi. She seems to be lapping it all up with an ear-to-ear grin.

    The two of them are symbols of our country run by imbeciles and no 4th estate worthy enough to challenge the liars in power.

  5. Stinklosi’s brain is way too pickled to perform rational thought any longer. She must have also caught the Joe Biden Disease, based on her daily increase of being incoherent, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

  6. China’s kind of freedom is what Piglosi is driving us to. That is, the freedom of the government to kill citizens at will by any means available.

  7. Great gotcha; but, butt, you missed the point. By trying to catch Pelosi in a lie, you ignored the context of what she was saying. There IS a one China policy AND said policy holds that Taiwan is the rightful governing body of said China. If you look at the Freedom Watch scores for Chinga and Taiwan, you will see that the former has a score of 9 versus the latter which has a score of 94. The point that you missed is that Pelosi is demented and therefore failed to point out that Taiwan is the true China.

  8. @Brad

    “We’re all little powerless peons to them. Until we ban together. It’s time.”

    You’re right, but we need some patriotic military people to grab the flag and lead us.

    A couple of years ago I thought it would be conservatives vs Antifa/BLM. It’s changed. Now it’s US conservatives vs the Great Resetters and the Climate Nazis and the crooked politicians, here and abroad. The opposition is now worldwide and powerful. It can buy off millions with a fistful of dollars to each. They conjole and threaten others who resist and won’t hesitate to imprison and kill us (see Jan. 6 defendents). They are behind just about all anti-human movements, from abortion to spawning and spreading diseases to starving to death lots of us deplorables to promoting various perversions, all with the goal of reducing the world’s population.

    What to do? I don’t know. So much of what is going on is unprecedented and unfathomable to me.

    Maybe God will send a Saviour. But at the very least we need strong political leaders like Trump and others who agree with him, and leaders with military experience who know how to organize for civil war.

  9. I think Marooned is correct, or at least in the sense that ROC is one of the most free nations. I never trust Pelosi to understand anything though – although I have to acknowledge that she can push through some pretty disgusting legislation.

  10. Tim Buktu

    There’s a shit load of peeps I’d enjoy having a beer with. Especially guys like you. I can tell you what the Dot MIL guys say. Start Local. Use the phone book, not the internet.

  11. Yeah, Nasty Nance. The CCP make sure China is free – to persecute, invade, terrorize, oppress and commit genocide. Everything nations are “free” to do if they are governed by tyrannical communists.

  12. The lie she just told has an affect on her stupid constituents who take her word for it and don’t care about the truth. These same fools show up on election day and vote her back into office. That’s all that matters to Pelosi.

  13. Idiot meant to say Taiwan, but the vodka and dementia got in the way. She is declining as fast as the Pedo.

    Only their access to million dollar pharmaceuticals keeps them operational but the drugs can’t cure stupid.

  14. The top-heavy sagging gargoyle and insider trader with a murderous drunk for a husband who killed his own brother was really afraid her flaccid ass was going to be shot down, which is one of the raesons she aligns wth US enemies: FEAR.

  15. @Brad,

    Having some beers with you would be cool. I think you are in SoCal. OC? We could meet, along with anyone else who may feel the same way about the current situation. I have a friend who may want to join us for beer…NRA member and super conservative.

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