Pelosi says she ‘couldn’t care less’ about Benghazi criticism



House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said in an interview broadcast Sunday that criticism by conservative lawmakers against herself and the Obama administration only demonstrates that they are suffering from a “poverty of ideas.” Mrs. Pelosi said on MSNBC’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” that Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in launching personal attacks against her. “It means nothing to me,” she said. “I consider the source and I consider them to be stuck in a poverty of ideas. They have none, and that’s where they had to go.” “I think people are tired of that, they want to know ‘what are your ideas about job creation?’ They have none,” she said, as reported by The Hill. “What are your ideas about taking us forward on protecting the environment? … Investing in the future? Passing an immigration bill … They have no plans. They don’t govern. They have no initiatives for the future, so they make personal attacks. “ “We’re about what we have to offer to the American people. And nothing demonstrates the distinction more, and that’s what they want to try to divert attention from, than the two budgets that are coming forth. more .

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  1. * protecting the environment?
    By nature, conservatives conserve their surroundings.

    * … Investing in the future?
    By nature, conservatives conserve for the future.

    * Passing an immigration bill?
    By nature, conservatives conserve their heritage.

    Nancy, these are core traits of a conservative. We don’t need special days or laws to remind us how to act.

  2. Then give us something worthwhile to discuss Nancy.

    Something more important than the incompetence, willful neglect or downright criminal behavior of the Chief Executive in the deaths of Four Americans and the cover up prior to the re-election of said Chief Executive.

    See, I don’t think the nation has dealt with this betrayal and fraud nearly enough yet.

  3. “They have no plans. They don’t govern.”

    nancy don’t you mean “rule”, as in, your our betters?

    I cannot stand your elitism nancy!

  4. It’s not Republicans who resort to antics like ‘Republicans hate women’, Republicans don’t care about the poor’, ‘Republicans health care solution: Die’. All of these absurdities result from a party that must resort to hyperbole because they lack the ability to come up with adult counter-arguments. She, they, are the ones cogently impoverished.

  5. “What are your ideas about job creation?”

    Job creation ? JOB CREATION??
    You mean the jobs that you people were so “laser focused” on SIX YEARS AGO??
    37 jobs-related bills passed the House and died in the Senate without even being read, but as we have seen, democrats do not like reading.
    This is coming from the witch that thinks, “welfare creates jobs” is an effective economic policy.

  6. Nancy, if you can spend years, and hundred of millions of dollars, convicting an innocent man, Scooter Libby, surely you don’t mind Republicans going after obviously guilty democrats. No?

  7. Truth be known, nancy couldn’t care less about the thousands of our military deaths and genocide of christians around the world at the hands of islamic terrorists.

    She does care about big government, gun control, killing babies and her self and partisan interests.

    pelosi is a major problem returning the US to solvency and our once proud republic.

  8. TheBigOwe beat me to it.

    Pelosi is today’s version of Marshall Applewhite, except she’s convinced more than half the country to drink the cyanide laced kool-aid.

    But I suspect many of the people beginning to die after drinking it are beginning to see the light……….much like Applewhite’s crowd did right before they expired wearing the free tennis shoes.

    Like ‘free’ Obama Phone’s or ‘free’ Nike tennis shoes…’re still dead.

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