Pelosi spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, and it was hilarious

Nancy Pelosi spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, and it was hilarious. Chris actually acted like a real journalist for a change too!

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  1. “…without the agencies of the Dem,,, uh, intelligence community.” Pelousy
    That’s called a Freudian slip, she just said what it was, not anymore, but she isn’t used to change, she’s old eh?

  2. “The republicans are covering up by releasing the information to the public… damnit!!!”

  3. This makes me want to puke. A professional WHINER! So much WHINING! The left. The press. Hollywood. Just STFU and drop dead.

  4. Ya gotta admit, that was Rainman direct and to the point.
    I always knew Cuomo was an idiot, but a savant too?

  5. Has anyone else ever noticed that Nasty Pelosi almost always speaks in a hushed, hedged, conspiratorial voice? Usually. Hahaah! In that clip she looked like her eyes were going to bug out!

    What time does the SOTU start? Will there be an SOTU thread here tonight?

  6. Wait till you see her after someone asks if she gave her employees a $1000 crumb. Those eyes will shoot across the room.

  7. Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
    Dum dum dum the night
    Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
    Dum de dum dum plight
    He steals dum dum dum
    And dum dum dum dee
    Dennis dum, Dennis dee, dum dum dum.

  8. Nanny pelosi Embarrassing to the people of San Francisco, she is taking some medicine . Like the Pharmacy Doctor that went to the hill said he brings some medicine to members of congress.

  9. Skeletor!! best description evah

    and what about schiff? Is there a dumber looking democrat to put on the “intelligence” committee? Guy looks like he’s about to eat paste

  10. So Nazi Pelosi is concerned about protecting the intelligence community, when in fact it’s the intelligence community that DOESN’T need protecting because they are criminals at worst, and corrupt at best.

    Tune your ear to the bullshit these people spew out.

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