Pelosi Tells Reporters They Are Democrats’ Messengers

Via Independent Sentinel


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  1. “….[Fifth Column Press] need to be messengers about what is actually going on here.”

    There are your marching orders comrades.

    Media Matters email system must be on the fritz.

  2. The fact that the press didn’t flinch when she said that tells you everything you need to know about the MSM.

  3. Being errand boys for the Dems is one thing being told you’re errand boys in public is another. I suspect she pissed off a few of the reporters there that thought they were independent. Anyway, was this before or after she went “Crazy Cat Lady” and chased the GOP congressman around?

  4. “How the jump-start TALKS about bringing jobs home…”

    (emphasis mine)

    Yes, the liberals do TALK about many things but there is ZERO action that actually WORKS. Want to bring jobs home, Nancy? Evolve a backbone, stand up on your own hind legs, repeal the 16th amendment, and pass the FairTax. There will be so much growth, the current unemployment rate of 23% will drop to under 15% within 2-3 years.

    Pelosi can’t do that because the socialist income tax is how the liberals demagogue the issue of taxes. They use class warfare to get the LoFo’s angry because “the rich” aren’t paying “their fair share.” However, she conveniently forgets to tell them that SHE HERSELF is quite wealthy and avoids many of the taxes passed by congress because as a leading legislator, she makes sure that those taxes don’t touch HER money. This is all just typical empty socialist rhetoric.

    Why is socialism never judged by the reality of its failures but only by its lofty promises?

  5. She actually said, “We need you to be messengers…”

    Well damn, guess we know Nancy don’t watch network news, huh?

  6. it would be superb is someone shoved a fist sandwich down this buzzard’s throat… the sheeple of San Fran should be humiliated beyond words..HAVE THEY NO SHAME?? any other rep pulling the shenanigans this harpy does would be jerked back on recall within a week and toss her to the gutter… surely they cannot be this devoid of humanity and ignorant? the harpy absolves Hamas of killing kids and says in the media they are our allies???? really Piglosi? and then when brought openly to the House the charges you did NOTHING as house leader for two years except tongue Barkys ass causes you to go bezerk and chase a representative across the floor of the House…how dignified!! then you lie yet again in the media and say you accepted his apology, while he said there never was an apology given……your mom would be so proud of you, Nancy….your husband should divorce your ass and kick you out..your children should spit on you and curse the day they got you as a mommmy…you are a poster child for not allowing the criminally insane to vote and hold public office! Does it make you proud to know the majority of the US hates your fcuking guts…?

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