Pelosi Tries To Nudge a Little Girl Out of Her Spotlight, She Nudges Back – IOTW Report

Pelosi Tries To Nudge a Little Girl Out of Her Spotlight, She Nudges Back

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27 Comments on Pelosi Tries To Nudge a Little Girl Out of Her Spotlight, She Nudges Back

  1. Pelosi horrified that she accidentally touched a brown person. Doubly horrified that she had to use her own alcohol to sterilize arm. Talking about suing.

  2. Good for that girl. Evil isn’t used to pushback.

    …too bad the babies she is hell bent to murder can’t murder her back in like kind…

  3. You’re in my spotlight, kid.

    Of course, her actions is reflective of what she’s done to the children and their families of this nation.

    She would much prefer being with planned parenthood and their effort of killing babies that she’ll never have to nudge away from her spotlight. It’s for the children, don’t you know !

  4. the dementia-dude sniffs little girls, pees-loosely shoves them around. typical rat-mofo behavior.

  5. Brown and Black people are just props to her anyway. Tools to be dropped when they are of no further use. They are expendible, interchangeable, and need not ever be treated with dignity and respect like her own precious self demands.

    She considers them display pieces, nothing more.

    As they are to all Democrats.

  6. I don’t think it would have worked out that way with my two younger ones. They jumped the soccer coach when they were five and six. When I went to pick them up I was told that one of them threw down and the other jumped in and both were going at it tooth and nail. When I ask the kids what was going on they said the coach shoved my daughter out of her way and was being disrespectful. When I talked to the coach she admitted as much, but said she didn’t do it intentionally and wasn’t prepared to be attacked.

  7. Nasty Nance bullies everyone to get her way. Children are no exception. Nice to see this little girl wasn’t having it. Nancy wasn’t getting in the way of this little girl’s spotlight. LOL!

  8. Look at that absurdly fake smile on her face. It was painted on with the rest of her makeup in the morning.

  9. I’m 73 years old, and Nancy Pelosi is the ONLY woman that I would love to slap the snot out of.

  10. Evil satanic cunt gets put in her place by graceful sassy angel…

    That horrid bitch will be gone soon as well, when they pry the gavel from her gnarled claws in November she will just shrivel and die. Go to your master Lucifer you vile posionus viper.

  11. Had Lunch today with a guy who met & dealt with her and said, “she was completely Viscous when she didn’t get her way.”

    Huge manufacturer. He walked away from her California extortion & did not set up a manufacturing facility there.

    He started the conversation saying that he “Hopes the Guy in Florida Runs.”


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