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Pelosi Vows to Enshrine Abortion into Federal Law

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is vowing to fight in Congress to codify Roe v. Wade after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark decision. More

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  1. “”Democrats will keep fighting ferociously to enshrine Roe v. Wade into law of the land,” Pelosi said. “This cruel ruling is outrageous and heart‑wrenching.””

    Funny — that’s how the rest of us who aren’t evil and bat-shit crazy would describe the murder and mutilation of unborn children.

  2. So much effort into murdering infants. Fucking sick and evil scumbags. No way we’ll ever be able to live peacefully with them.

  3. Pelousey, is a pure evil woman of the worst kind. The left and their rabid, batshit crazy pro abort supporters are beond the pale in their support of abortion at any cost. This may be the one thing that could cause the next civil war in America. God help us, they need to be destroyed and removed from power and that includes all the gutless, spineless, chicken shit, weenie RINO’s as well.

  4. Yes, Abortion and Gun Control and Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants are great things to enshrine into law and build a winning ticket on for the Midterm Elections. Throw in some rioting and looting while you’re at it. Get Dementia Joe and the Kalamitous Jamindian out in front, answering questions and explaining how all these things are more important than rampant inflation, soaring crime, and millions of illegal aliens crowding our schools, hospitals and jails. Enshrine away!

  5. Like Joe Biden and his vulgar family, the lowlife drunk Pelosi is a known racist whose scheme, along with the longtime segregationist Biden and collaborators, is to kill off as many black-brown and ethnic groups as possible, just as they tried to do and failed with the bogus covid vaxx.

  6. The new favorite demonazi word of the day – “enshrine.” Screech after me… REEEEEE ENSHRINE They wipe their ass with the Constitution, but all of a sudden it’s important. And they’re still trying to do an end run around the Constitution with gun control.

  7. This will be nancy pelosi’s (The Babylon Whore) final battle. She will be replaced as speaker later this year.
    Good Riddance.

  8. Neither the Constitution nor the “Law” mean anything if decent, honorable men aren’t willing to kill (and die) for them.

    Both the Constitution and the “Law” are being flouted on a daily basis both by DAs in Soros’s pocket and others, such as Mitch McConnell and Roy Blunt, who claim to be Americans.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. A horrible creature with zero redeeming qualities.
    What else could she be but a liberal politician?

  10. NO, Roe v. Wade is “NOT on the ballot in November.

    The democrats would appreciate their murderous base (planned parent hood) to forget the suffering of middle income Americans.
    They have done nothing to fight 8%+ inflation, devaluation of the dollar, huge losses of individual 401K savings, Unemployment, food costs & shortages, gas prices, electrical costs, illegal immigration, using the DOJ and FBI as political enforcers, the abandoning of Americans in Afghanistan or any of the issues that have a direct impact upon American Families.

    What is on the ballot is electing good, sensible candidates who will put America and Americans first versus defeating the evil that has infected the democrat party and the RINOs of the less than grand GOP.

  11. The Affordable Adrenochrome Act is on the way. Or maybe the Fetal Tissue Emancipation Act. Or maybe Pro-Choice Parts Free Trade Act. Run with it, you old demon hag

  12. The Dirty Dems are just trying to rile up and rally their mind numb robot voters.
    She knows full well the ruling from SCOTUS only sent abortion law back to the states because the Constitution does not give the federal govt the power over it. They didn’t make it illegal.

    If she thinks this will stop a mid term loss and help Dominion, she’s wrong.

  13. Do away with laws protecting abortion centers and the “Mengeles” that perform the murders and then we’ll see where that gets ’em.

  14. Rancid Nancy hasn’t grasped this but even if she had she deliberately acts as though she doesn’t: at the heart of the SCOTUS decision is the declaration that abortion is not a fedgovt issue and any control of it belongs at the state level. Ergo, any fedgovt laws will, upon appeal to the SCOTUS, be declared unconstitutional.

    Assuming, of course, that by that time the court hasn’t been packed with fathead liberals.

  15. Once again we dear, uncomplicated conservatives are caught up in the apparent “narrative” of the Left and fail to look past Pelosi’s declarations and into the maw of what is standing behind her. This isn’t about women’s rights at all. It’s the Left’s standard playbook before an election. This time around the battle cry is “Pro-Choice!” In years past it’s been, “Same Sex Marriage!” It really doesn’t matter what they come up with. Their battle is never about the welfare or freedoms of the mascots they champion. If the Leftist Democrats had to, they’d convince their minions that “Free the Indianapolis 500!” is a cause worthy of rioting and vote fraud!

    Now come the bogus polls, the endless Congressional testimonies, the woke capitalist corporations, the Screen Actors roster of enraged members, the academics; in short, all the usual suspects. Everyone will be asked their considered opinion and we will be assaulted with them ad nauseum. All the darlings of the progressive Left will be trotted out to speak to their respective circle of influence. We’ve already heard from that citadel of angry youth, David Hogg. Has Greta Thunberg’s Blunt Chart (on why woman get abortions) resurfaced yet? Oh, it will. The elders are eagerly awaiting calls from their publicists, too: Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Alan Alda, Phil and Marlo, even. Oprah will give her famous basso proclamation, “Everyone gets an abortion!” Her audience will go wild.

    Gird your loins, friends. This is going to be one of the most bizarre election seasons ever!

  16. . .. and, of course, the post-menopausal hags of The View — the ones who already ate their young — will be the most enraged.

  17. A curious and fascinating thing: when I see a video about this on youtube every comment is against abortion. I don’t look for left wing posts, but not one pro abortion comment ever. either I excel at finding right wing sites, or there are not many of them but they are awfully loud

  18. …HBO will quickly produce a drama series in which the most sympathetic actress will die from a back alley abortion. As God is my witness, they will.

  19. If you listen to abortion proponents, every single abortion performed in America is a 14 year old victim of incest who will die if her pregnancy isn’t terminated immediately. What’s the reality?
    Most abortions in this country are post conception birth control infanticides. This is because sexual responsibility gradually disappeared with the advent of the Birth Control Pill and the Sexual Revolution, which at the end of the day was mostly about men and women being able to enjoy sex without consequences. A lot of things have unexpected consequences, especially Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s decision to ignore the consequences of dying in office. Thank you RBG!

  20. “This isn’t about women’s rights at all. It’s the Left’s standard playbook before an election.”

    So true, AA. Remember 10 years ago, when Little George Stethanopoulos asked Romney if states should be able to ban contraception? And everybody ( on the right) was wondering where the hack that wiestion came from?

  21. The “priests,” “bishops” et all in the Catholic Church who enable and encourage these idiot “Catholic” politicians own this. They gonna have some splianing to do, that is the ones who are still operating under the delusion that they have not condemned themselves to eternal damnation.

  22. You know, Nanny, I may not agree with how you rule me. But I will defend The Constitution, and The Republic, for which it stands, for your right to rule me. Unto my death.

  23. One of the great things about the SC decision is it will clearly define the pro-life states from the pro-death states, so when God decides to go all “Sodom and Gamorah” on us, He can pinpoint his targets. It’s time to choose your side, people.

  24. Statistically Pelosi could drop dead any minute. A wise, God fearing person would take that into consideration.

  25. Will she use the “Commerce clause” to justify the federal overreach?
    Interstate abortion makes great commerce.

  26. Here it comes, folks.

    If the Democrats receive the absolute shellacking we think they will, our government will enter into the most legislatively dangerous two months we’ve seen in some time—where dozens of lame duck congressmen, no longer needing to moderate their political views in order to get votes from their constituents, cram as much progressive slag into law as they can.

  27. General Malaise – Abortion Tourism – awesome, perfect description

    Is it too much to ask that Pelosi understand the 10th Amendment? It’s not too complicated and Justice Alito did spell it out quite clearly. A federal abortion law will never be allowed to stand.

    But the useful idiots are lapping it up – I hope the day finally dawns when they wake up, smell the coffee and get it through their thick skulls that they have been mere pawns in the power struggle/


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